Killing for a living

Chapter Two - Reputations?

"… And so once you put three were x is, that makes 32, then you solve for y by putting this all like so" A lady with beautiful red hair and dark brown eyes said, The woman was in her late 20's or early 30's. "And so now, you take this and-" The woman started, but a knock at the door was heard. "Wonder who this could be." The lady said, walking to the door.

"New student." Said the gruff voice of the principle, whom stood at least six foot five. "Well, you probably know her, but she's new to public school, she was home schooled before this." The principle said. "Oh, hello Anna, you've finally decided to join public school?" The lady asked the girl who stood by the principle, or me if you want me to go into first person in this story.

"Anna? Anna Livingston?" I heard a girl in the class say. "I heard she's a freak, and her reputation is really just… She doesn't do anything, she just stays home and only goes out to go shopping, she stays away from everyone else when she's out…" A boy said. My first day at a public high school and I missed being home schooled already…

Once the lady got me all written in her planner, she let me have a seat in the back, bless her. Once there I listened for a moment, noticing I had already learned this I flipped through the text book in front of me to see what was next. I've already learned the next two lessons on the book, so I decided to teach myself the third lesson.

I didn't notice my name was called until The lady, who I found out was named Jane Freights, tapped my shoulder. I looked up at her. "Yes ma'am?" I ask politely. "Have you been paying attention?" Mrs. Freights asked. "I won't lie Mrs. Freights. No I have not been paying attention. But that is because I've already learned how to do this." I replied. Then I scanned the unanswered problem on the board. "The answer comes out to X equaling 3, and Y equaling 5." I added, having done the problem in my head.

Mrs. Freights looked impressed. "That's right!" She said, then went back to teaching.

When the bell rang Mrs. Freights had let us leave since we were finished. I packed my things then headed to the door. "Anna." Mrs. Freights called my name, so I turned to her. "Yes Mrs. Freights?" I asked, suppressing a sigh. "I'm very impressed at how you worked that problem in your head." She said. "I was taught this lesson a few weeks ago. I was currently working on the lesson that is after the next two." I informed her. "Then You will have no problem on the test tomorrow." She said.

I gave her a polite nod. "Is that all ma'am?" I asked her. "Oh, yes that's all I wanted to say." Mrs. Freights said and smiled. "I hope you have a nice day." She added. I gave another nod, then walked out of the class room with a heavy sigh. This was going to be a long day, and it also felt like I was being watched…

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