I walked into the mall with one hundred dollars in my wallet, my new best friend Scarlet, and a goal to get the most fabulous dress anyone had ever seen at BorVille high. We went slowly threw the racks of JCPennys, Sears, and then we were finally at Dillards. I slowly scanned the racks looking at every piece of fabric, paying close attention to every rhinestone, glitter, and sequence piece. Finally I looked up from the rack to hear Scarlet squeal in satisfaction.

"Ximena! I found your dress." She said handing me a dark purple dress. It was perfect. It didn't have any sequence on it except for the top of the dress. The sequence lightly lined the top of the dress and slowly faded down.

The top was heart shaped and it nicely fit the shape of my breasts. A black bow was tightly tied just under the breasts. The length of the dress lightly flowed to my ankles with ripples in the fabric. It was perfect. I bought it right on the spot. I was so happy that I had found the perfect dress I was shaking. Now all I needed was the perfect date.

We then found Scarlets' perfect dress. It was a red, knee length cocktail dress. It was also heart shaped at the breasts; it was tight around the stomach area that showed off Scarlets curves. It had little rhinestones along the bottom of it. We were going to be the hottest things there, at homecoming, at least in our minds anyway. We walked out of the store with confidence, something I was lacking on so many occasions.

The night of Homecoming, Scarlet had come over to my house, around one o' clock, to get ready. She had brought truck loads of make-up with her, or so it seemed. Scarlet had demanded that she be the one to do my make up, since I had no experience in that department.

"Sit." She demanded pointing to the chair in front of her. I obediently went and sat straight up in the chair and tried my very hardest not to flinch.

After what seemed to be hours sitting in that chair, she was finally done. I got up slowly and walked over to my vanity and saw someone I had never seen before.

The young woman in the mirror looked beautiful. She had dark purple eye-shadow on with rosy cheeks, lightly painted red lips, and false eyelashes on that made her lightly brown eyes pop.

"Wow." I sighed.

"You like it?" Scarlet suggested.

All I could do was nod my head and put on a very bright smile. She let out a piercing squeal and gave me an enormous hug.

"Okay, time for hair!" she pulled me over to the chair, again. Oh the chair, so evil in many ways, yet so brilliant. I was still amazed what Scarlet had done. She ended up curling my hair and pinning a few strands back. While I got my dress on she put on her make up and did her hair. By six forty-five, we had finally finished getting ready, and from what we looked like, we really were going to be the hottest ones there.

By the time my mom had finished taking pictures, it was already seven o' clock, and the dance started at seven thirty. So Scarlet and I headed down stairs and waited for our limo that my mom had ordered for us, since it was my first dance and all. I saw the head lights turn the corner and come down the street. It stopped in front of my house, the chauffer stepped out of the limo and to my surprise it was James, I was in shock. I walked over to the limo as he opened the door for Scarlet and I. Scarlet stepped into the limo and I stayed out staring at him.

"You." I gaped.

"Me." He stated. We let out a laugh, "you look beautiful."

I blushed, "thank you." He waved for me to get in the limo politely. I turned even redder knowing Scarlet was there the entire time listening into our conversation. I slid into the limo carefully and James closed the door. I had thought James was only Michael personal chauffer. I stared at the back of his head the entire ride to the school.


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~Scarlet Rhodes