"Say what?!"I laughed and soon it became a nervous one. At that exact moment i happened to be drinking some Lemonnade, well now i may be off it.

I spat out my drink. I know I know. A total movie moment.
I heard a fork being dropped, before silence washed over the entire room. Could you say awkward?

"What!"I yelled standing up
"Dana please-"My dad pleaded.
"Don't you Dana me!"I yelled

I looked around huffing knowing I was about to lose the inner battle of murdering my parents I simply said in a sugary voice
"Perfect. Briliiant! " and wasted no time in making a dramatic exit and storming out the door.

I ran towards my car, thankful for the sneakers i opted to wear, against my mother's wishes that i wear heels.
"Hey blizzard." I greeted my getaway from this mental center.
I sat in. Forget the stupid seat belt.
I started the ignition and then began driving away. Screw speed laws.

I sped along the highway making my way to the country side, meaning no civilization meaning no one would get hurt. Also meaning i could speed drive.

I put one hand through my wavy locks
What the heck? Were my mum and dad on drugs or something? They wanted me, me Dana Lexi Richardson to get married! Not only that but arranged! Against my free will! What were we medieval? Stuck in ye old days?

Arg! This isn't one of those stories you read or movies you watch! This was my life! No matter how dramatic it got or how surreal it was, it was my life! My life not theirs or anyone else's. Mine!

Arranged Marriage. Arranged Marriage. Arrange a bond between two people.

Let me decipher these two words

Arrange: we chose someone for you and now you have to live with that person.

Marriage: For the rest of your life.

And put them together.

Arranged Marriage: No matter what you say, what you do, eventually you'll have to give in, you have to.

I started the ignition once again this time with a mission in mind.