Dirty Again

"Hey Joey I'm home!"

Rolling onto my side, I called out, "I'm on the couch Tyson!"

Hearing the thumps of heavy footsteps up the staircase echoed out, and I shifted my body, getting comfortable. And by comfortable, I meant that I was shirtless on the cushions and lying on my stomach. I heard a breath hitch above me. Turning my head I saw Tyson staring down at me, his eyes wide and his mouth slightly slack as he gazed down at me.

Now let me tell you something about Tyson and myself; we're total opposites. He's darker than anything and I'm paler than a ghost. People have called us Ying and Yang before, and it's kind of true really. He's this huge ebony study, that's as wide as he is tall. And trust me, when your lover is a foot taller than you, and you're 6 foot even, that's a lot of muscles. See Tyson used to be a line backer in both high school and college football. But he never went pro. Instead he went into the business world where he hit success dead on. Now he wears a fancy suit every day that barely contains his rippling and stacked muscles from the world. He's got dreadlocks too – and they're magnificent to play with. His hair reaches down to his lower back, and it's kept together with a leather cord. I can't tell you how much fun it is to pull his hair when we have sex; it really turns both of us on. Speaking of which, let's move onto me. I'm tall too, except when I'm compared to my lover, and I'm whiter than the driven snow but definitely nowhere near as pure! You can thank Tyson for that. He's really like a bull in heat; he can never get enough of my body!

Like now for instance.

Looking up at him, I saw that Tyson wasn't wearing his work clothes. In fact he wasn't wearing anything fancy at all. Instead, he had on what looked like a wife beater and some old basketball shorts. The material was stretched across his huge chest, while Tyson's mammoth arms reached out and landed on both sides of me, his palms splayed flat against the couch as I innocently rested there.

Leaning in, Tyson took a deep whiff of my body, before breathing out, "You smell so good man, what you put on?"

Acting coy, I rolled my neck to the side as he continued to breathe me in and said, "I went out and did some chores and I saw this new body soap on sale. Do you like it Ty?"

"Oh yeah baby, I do." Tyson was practically moaning as he moved his face up and down my bare back, sniffing me like a lion with his conquest. "Here, lemme smell some more of you Joey." With that, he hitched his fingers under my shorts and pulled them down, revealing me to be wearing nothing else. Tyson's breathing became heavier upon my nude form spread out before him, my scented skin dragging his sanity to the breaking point. "Oh Lord Joey, you are such a fuckin tease." With that comment, he reached down and began playing with my ass, squeezing my cheeks alternatively, molding them under his fingers.

Quickly pulling away, I smacked his hands off of me. "No, you're not getting me all dirty. I can tell that you just came from the gym and I don't want your stink all over me Tyson."

You would think I just put a shotgun to the Easter Bunny's head the way Tyson was looking at me. Honestly, he may be the 'bigger' man in the relationship, but he was far from the most mature. With big chocolate eyes that could beat any puppy any day, he looked down at me, silently begging for a touch, a lick, a kiss. I kept my resolve firm however. "No, those won't work, I'm tired from running around all day, and I'm finally clean. Just go shower and then we can have fun, wherever you want." With that, I settled myself back onto the couch, my head buried underneath the pillow. I heard Tyson move away and the room got quiet.

Too quiet.

With a 'oomph' I found my skinny 170 pound body totally crushed by my now semi-naked 300 pound boyfriend's. Wearing nothing but a jockstrap, Tyson quickly molded himself so that I was completely trapped. Squirming a bit, I turned my head and yelled into Tyson's pec, "Ty you ass! Now I'm going to have to shower again!"

"I tried playing the puppy card Joey, but then you played the hard to get card." Tyson stretched his body out, letting his feet and hands hang off both ends of the sofa as he pinned me effortlessly beneath him. "You smell too good to pass up, and trust me, if I took a shower now, I'd just jack off to your new soap. So I'm just going to have to solve that problem here." He began humping my bare ass with his covered crotch. "Feel that Joey? That's me all excited over your body's new scent."

Having my body rubbed against was something else, especially when my boyfriend's club of a dick was forcing my own erection to rub into the material of the sofa uncomfortably. Not looking forward to the friction burn down there, I decided to change tactics.

Pushing my head, I forced my face into one of Tyson's pits. Now my man shaves. Everywhere. Except for his pubes and his pits. And the one thing that gets me harder than a steel pole is hot raunchy man musk coming from a sweaty pit. Oh I'll grip and moan about how stinky and gross it is, but really, it's the germs from the shared gym machines that get me. Call me a germophobe, but its true. But right now, in this situation, I was beyond caring.

Taking a deep snuff, I began licking Tyson's armpit, moaning at the erotic scents as they took over my senses.

"Oh yeah baby, just like that, you like that, don't you boy." Tyson growled out.

"Yesss, oh yes Ty, oh God, Ty!"

"Yeah Joey, gonna get you dirty again, oh yeah!"

We continued like that for a few minutes before the rubbing on my cock became too unbearable. With a whimper of pain, I soon began trying to move my body over. Tyson stopped his dry humping for a moment, staring down at me with uncertainty. "What's wrong Joey? Am I hurting you?"

God I love that man. With a pitiful look, I told him of my problem. Tyson looked down at me and lifted not only his body, but mine as well. Effortlessly with one hand mind you. Peering down at my cock, he could tell that my cock was already becoming red from the material of the couch. "Well we can't have this now can we babe?"

Now let me tell you another thing about Tyson. Actually two things. One is that he doesn't quite understand how much more stronger he is compared to me. So when he picked me up again with one hand and switched our positions so that he's lying with his back on the couch, and I'm straddling his hand above him, yeah it doesn't faze him. The second thing is that if you give the man an inch, he'll take the whole damn highway. With a devious leer, Tyson wriggled his fingers around until they began slowly forcing their way into my asshole. Arching my back, I hissed at the unexpected intrusion as the dry digits began stretching me.

Panting heavily, I look down at Tyson, glaring through my sex-glazed eyes. "Tyson…not…ugh!...not on the couch…there'll be…ah!...stains!" My lover's finger, now three of them, began burrowing deeper into me, teasing my prostate deliciously. Soon, he began teasing his smallest finger around my skin, before adding it as well. Eventually I began tearing up as Tyson's large hand not only held me up, but began clenching, stretching out my flesh for more.

"Hold on Joey, it'll get better in a moment." Tyson whispered up at me. Tugging his jockstrap down, Tyson lifted his hips as he pulled the small article of clothing off. Tossing it off to the side, Ty's cock is now stood completely erect. Reaching over, he tugged open a drawer in the coffee table and pulled out a bottle of lotion. Uncapping it with his free hand, Ty squirted a generous amount onto his cock and began lubing it up, his hand making a slick type of sound in the living room. With a gently shushing sound, Tyson began lowering me onto his cock.

Oaky, last thing about Tyson. His cock would look more natural on a bison or a stallion on that was on some growth hormones. I have to use both of my hands to jack him off; he only has to use one. And the length, well I've seen babies with smaller arms than him when he's erect. Going back to the whole 'me not being pure because of Tyson' thing – well the first time we met and got to the bed, he was really eager. And don't get me wrong, I wasn't some blushing virgin, but I was not prepared for both Tyson's size and his impatience. Needless to say, one deep plunge, one long scream, and a lot of tears later, we weren't having a good time. Tyson was so torn up about my pain that he took care of me the rest of the night. He even came back the next day to see how I was. 6 months later we're going steady, Tyson has learned some patience with sex, and I can take him all the way without pain.

With adequate preparation of course.

I felt the head of Tyson's hard shaft poke at my ass, it rubbing against the fingers that were still there. Ty leaned up and brought his face close to mine. "I'm going to fuck you so hard Joey." Kissing me lightly on the lips, I felt the fingers inside me slowly being pulled out. "Get ready little white boy, this brotha from da hood is going to show you how we do it in the ghetto." With a deep roar, Tyson took my ass in both of his hands and proceeded to push his fuck stick deep into me. I stiffened my back as I felt that hot shaft slowly fill me up into impossible measures. When I felt Ty's crotch hairs smash against my ass, I began writhing as his cock stretched out my fuck chute like only he could, his cock head rubbing against my prostate almost painfully.

My breathing became hitched and I leaned forward, my hand grabbed the first thing they found, which happened to be Tyson's large pecs. With a face scrunched up in pleasure, I began squeezing Ty's chest under my fingers, Ty himself groaning at the sensations. He kept thrusting up into me, causing me to buck up and down on his groin. With each plunge, I would whimper in a high-pitched manner.

Soon Ty had a fast rhythm going and I was moaning and groaning like a alley cat in season. With his hands gripping my waist securely, Ty lifted me up just a bit, allowing him to angle his hard dick right into my pleasure nerves every time. When he did this, I began to hoarsely yell, "Ty! Fuck….urgh!....I'm gonna come man…ah!"

Again, you give my man an inch; he'll take the whole damn highway.

Through my clenched eyes I saw Tyson give a grin. "Oh not yet white boy, I ain't done wit chu yet."

With that, Ty flipped us over so we were back in our original positions. I was on my back, Tyson was above me, and his cock was still deep inside me, having never left its spot, nor had Ty stopped thrusting. The new position gave a break to my ass for a moment, so I wouldn't cum right away.

Reaching up, I yanked at the leather cord holding Ty's hair together. With one deft pull, his black locks fell around his head and off his massively chorded shoulders and onto me. I grabbed a handful of them with one hand while my other hand pulled Tyson's head closer to my face.

Grunting and dripping sweat on me, Tyson growled, "Oh you wanna play boy?" I felt one hand burrow under me behind my back and shoulders, before it gripped me and pulled me down the couch, forcing more dripping cock into me. The other hand went behind my head and yanked my hair, causing my eyes to water up and forcing me to expose my throat to Tyson.

Crying a bit at the pain on my head and in my ass, I reveled in all the sensations that my lover was playing on my body. Not losing his tempo of pounding his body into mine, Tyson began sniffing and licking at my neck, like a wolf on its mate.

"You taste so fucking good Joey. God damn I can't get enough of it." Tyson left licking up and down my neck, before suckling on my flesh, biting and nipping gently on me.

I began squirming, trying to stop him. "No Ty, no hickies! I don't want to go into work with them –Ow!!!" My protests were cut off when Ty gave a particularly hard bite right next to my carotid artery. With a firm yank, Ty forced my head back further, causing me to either go with it or rick losing some hair.

With a rumbling that seem to come from his entire mountain of a body, Tyson growled into my neck, "Good, people need to know who you belong to." He gave a hard thrust into me as he began sucking all over my neck, leaving a necklace of bruises I was sure.

When he felt that his territory was sufficiently marked, Ty hands moved from my head and shoulder and back to my waist, gripping each side and lifting me up. His face moved in front of my own and as he began really abusing my ass, Ty forced his tongue into my mouth. Groaning at the intense rush of pleasure from both holes, I wrapped my arms and hands around Ty's broad back and held on for dear life as he took me again and again.

Eventually, I broke off our kiss and yelled my release, my eyes clenched tightly as my body contracted wildly around and within Tyson's own. Seeing my own pleasure erupt underneath him, Ty bore down on me, clenching his teeth and breathing heavily as he too felt his pinnacle approach. With one last plunge, Tyson forced his cock deep inside of me and rope after rope of cum spewed out of his cock, planting his seed deep inside me.

Finally, when he finished his load, he collapsed onto me, completely smothering me with his hot, muscular and sweaty body. I'm sure it would have been a sight to see; a huge behemoth of a black man with only the legs and arms of his smaller white lover showing on the now stained couch. I was completely at peace lying there, stuffed and covered with my lover. Tyson began stirring though and soon, I felt a strong arm wrap around my body and hoist me up, my ass still stuffed with cock.

Looking down at me, Tyson gave a weak grin at seeing my dazed expression. "Hehe, how was that Joey? Aren't you glad I didn't wait to shower?" He began nuzzling into my neck and shoulder again – planting small kisses here and there.

Rolling my neck to the side, I kept my grip on his body tight, determined to stay full as long as possible. "You know the answer to that already Ty. But I still wish you didn't give me hickies! It's really awkward going into work with them, especially when I can't cover them up with anything." Ty's laughing was my only answer, his deep chuckling shaking his whole body and mine, his cock twitching deep inside me. I gasped as it hardened a bit more and began rubbing my prostate again. Ty heard me and looked up at my face, smiling at my pleasured expression.

"What do you say we continue this in the shower huh Joey?" Tyson asked eagerly, that puppy dog eyed expression back in place.

Now who was I to resist that look a second time, especially when Tyson was surrounding me and engulfing me completely?

"Yeah Ty, let's do that. And after we dry off, let's move to the bedroom, k?"

You would think I just told Tyson that Christmas came early, with the smile of joy he gave me.


Just something I threw together to get my writing juices flowing again. I promise to start writing again soon!