I wished the dream was over but it didn't cease. It felt like several hours of torment from Abigale Jones with endless put downs, hits, slaps, and blows for just a hesitation of an answer. I was able to answer correctly and obey Ms. Jones enough to save Alicia from the whip. I would rather Ms. Jones torture me with harsh words and blows than Alicia with the whip.

When Ms. Jones became tired of tormenting me, she bound Alicia and I together with ropes around our necks. With guards on every side of us, we marched through the deserted streets of Krystal and up to Krystal Castle itself. The tall stone building loomed over us as we got closer and its many windows cast brilliant lights on the grass. It was as though we were walking through a rainbow as we got closer to the castle.

I expected to walk through the wide marble doors and walk ceremoniously through the castle, but instead Ms. Jones lead us to one of the smaller doors on the left. Entering the smaller, less significant door, we were hurried down a long, slippery, spiral staircase. Each step seemed to be coated with grim and were much smaller than a regular step. Alicia and I lost our step several times, hitting the damp, hard stone, only to get pulled and cursed at by the guards behind.

When we were finally greeted by a flat expansion of stone, Alicia and I sighed in relief. I looked around at where we were brought and then sighed in sadness. We were brought to the dungeons and they were just as the name implied. There was nothing good and bright about the dark, damp stone walls and the flaming torches that were hanging from the walls. Right behind Ms. Jones was a long dark hallway with only a couple torches every several yards. When we stopped at this passage, Jones finally spoke.

"Guards. Leave the girls and me to go to their cell alone. Wait for me here and don't let anyone but me in or out. Understand?"

The guards nodded in agreement and let go of the ropes binding us. Ms. Jones grabbed the ropes around our necks and started to lead us down the tunnel.

We walked down the tunnel silently with the Torture Master leading us by our necks. I noticed that every few feet along the wall stood a wooden door with a small barred window that most likely led into separate cells. Most of these cells seemed to be empty except for once in a while when I heard a small sniff or whisper coming from between the darkened bars.

At the very end of the tunnel, there was a lantern against the back wall. On both sides of the other walls were two wooden doors that faced each other. Ms. Jones stopped at these and turned around to face us.

"Welcome to the dungeons. This is my place in this world and I will give you hell while you are here. We don't treat witches kindly here so I guess you will get use to feeling hungry and sore. In the cells, there are no windows and the stone walls are three feet thick. If you know a 'spell' to get through those damn walls, then good luck. We are ten feet below ground," the Torture Master said as though it were a procedure. "Guards are posted at all entrances and exits of this place so there is no way to escape. When I need something from either of you, I will come down. Otherwise, you will see me just to make your life here horrible."

Alicia and I exchange glances of helplessness and then looked back at Abigale Jones.

"Okay then. Alicia, you will be imprisoned in the cell on my left and Lily, you will be on my right." She motioned to the cells. "Lily, I would deeply consider not moving from this position while I take care of Alicia."

I nodded and watched Abigale Jones detach Alicia from me. When we were separated, the Torture Master grabbed a handful of Alicia's hair and roughly dragged her into the cell on my right. As I stood in the tunnel awaiting a similar fate, I listened to the noises coming from inside Alicia's cell. I heard a clinking of chain rubbing on the stone floor and quiet whispered curses coming from Jones. I then heard a slap and small sobs began coming from Alicia. I could only guess that Alicia had struggled. When Jones walked out of the cell, she slammed the heavy wooden door and locked it with a small key hanging on a long chain around her neck.

"Your turn, Miss Lily," she sneered as she turned to face me.

Grabbing the rope around my neck, Ms. Jones pulled me through the opposite cell door from Alicia. When I came into the cell, a shiver ran down my spine. Jones was right. There were no windows except for the small barred window on the door. The entire room was stone and there was a wooden bucket in one of the corners that I knew could only be used for one reason. I guess it was the castle's courtesy and a way to keep the cells decently clean. Two chains with thick metal bracelets were attached to the far wall closer to the floor. The whole cell was probably seven feet by seven feet with a seven foot ceiling. Basic and small. The Torture Chamber Master dragged me over to the chains and forced me to the ground.

"Get to your knees and bow your head towards the door," she said harshly.

I did as she commanded and faced myself towards the open wood door. I felt one of the metal braces clasp around my right ankle and lock into place. Then a second brace was clasped around my left ankle. The ropes around my wrists that were still behind my back were loosened and taken off completely. My arms slipped off my back and I placed them next to my body with my hands by my face. It felt so good to relax my arms. I heard Ms. Jones walk around me, her steps echoing off the walls.

"Sit up," Jones ordered.

I pushed myself up using my stiff arms and sat facing her on my knees. Ms. Jones stood before me, hate screaming in her gray eyes.

"Don't forget about our little deal, Rose," she hissed, ending the pretending that our world did not exist.

"Where do I meet you," I asked, keeping my eyes locked on hers.

"Um... How about Trinity Graveyard?"

I swallowed hard and a sudden emotional pain flooded my body.

"Oh, yes. That's right. Your father is buried there, isn't he?" Jones jeered. "That is the perfect place to meet. At his grave."

I choked down my tears but nodded, averting my eyes from her piercing ones. Then Ms. Jones lowered herself down to my level on the floor and brought her face close to me.

"You will give me the book cover before the next dream or else Alicia will pay dearly. And so will you," she said sharply, her voice like knives in the air.

I nodded in agreement but glared darkly at her as she stood up. She saw my hatred lurking in my eyes and a rush of anger swept through her. But instead of slapping me like I expected her to do, she just spat on the ground in front of me and walked out of the cell. The door slammed heavily closed. After I heard the lock click, I collapsed to the ground crying. The only light that I could see in the cell was from the lantern in the hallway. It cast gloomy shadows of the bars on the door onto the cell floor. I just lay on the ground crying until I was sure my tears had run out. I was about to fall asleep when I heard someone or something whisper my name.

I stood up slowly and quietly listened just in case Ms. Jones was trying to trick me. When I made it to standing, I heard it again. I walked slowly to the wooden door with the weight of the chains behind me. With the chains completely extended, I could stand by the door.

I looked out the bars of the little window and looked into the hall. No one was there.

"Lily?" I heard the voice whisper.

"Yes?" I responded, trying to locate the voice.

Then I saw Alicia's face between the bars of the cell opposite of mine.

"Alicia!" I said happily. I was so happy that she was okay.

"Shh!" she hissed, trying to quiet me. "We cannot attract attention to ourselves. Now, are you okay?"

"Of course I am," I whispered. "She hurt you more than she hurt me. Are you alright?"

"Lily, I'm a witch, remember? Witches can repair and heal wounds."

"You have to teach me that one!"

"No," Alicia whispered strongly. "You will not need it while you are in Krystal and I don't want you doing magic in your world."

"But Alicia!" I protested.

"I'm sorry, Lily. I can't teach it to you. It's too dangerous," Alicia mumbled, looking away from me.

"What are you talking about, Alicia? You taught me to read minds, and how to defend myself using magical shields, and even a little bit of human controlling! But you can't teach me to mend wounds?"

"Lily, you don't understand! In your world, your magic is different than when your here. You are more powerful there because that is where you are from. Remember when you used your newly acquired power on Jones? You did not know how to do it but were able to do it anyway because that is your world."

I was silent for several minutes as I tried to understand this information. Was Alicia trying to tell me that I didn't need her to teach me magic? Or was she trying to warn me?

"I just can't teach you that one right now, Lily. There are some... complications," Alicia said apologetically. "I'm sorry. If we get out of this, I will teach you."

"What do you mean if?" I asked wearily.

"I say if because Jones knows we are witches and it is illegal to be a witch in the Black Kingdom. I cannot promise you we will both survive," she said calmly.

I swallowed my tongue when I remembered about my deal with Ms. Jones. I had to give her the cover to keep Alicia alive. I had to meet her at Trinity Graveyard at my father's grave to allow her to have possession of Somnium Libri again.

I stepped back into the darkness of the cell to hide my face from Alicia. If she were to see my expression, she would be sure to figure out the deal I had agreed to.

Alicia understood that I did not want to talk any longer so she did not ask or say any more. I saw her disappear from the window and heard the rubbing of chains. I slowly made my way to the far end of my cell and sat down in the corner. The chains round my ankles were already starting to hurt and the darkness was already making me feel hopeless.

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