I'd call her a drug, but those can be lethal
Not to say that she cannot be either
I'd rather overdose on her love, than fake a smile with a pill
I'd rather find heaven between two sheets with her in the middle

She's more than something I desire, she's something I need
Not quite an addiction, but something required to live

Every moment without her is one that I regret
To not see her face, her eyes, is hell
And there's nothing I can do to stop myself from falling
So please, catch me?

Though we hail from distant lands, our skins of a different tone
Speech of a different text, tongues of a different flavour
Her beauty surpassed, even the most expectations

I looked in her eyes, feeling like a dream
Someone as beautiful as her , could not be real
Locks as long as my love, jet black like the birds I love
Though such a love could never be compared to what I have for her

Her skin so soft; warm like chocolate
Light brown and sweet to the lips
But I'd pick her any time

Every inch of her I scan, with my eyes, intensely
For a second without this beauty
I would surely, go insane

They say, 'there's other fish in the sea'
But why would I want a goldfish,
When I have a mermaid waiting for me?

Some might say it's a lie, she couldn't be real
She's not the one that got away, she's the one who does not exist
And sometimes I feel that it's true
But only because it has been so long since we've touched

One in a million, might seem too common
But I think she's closer to one in a few billion
Unique in every way
And I wouldn't have it any other

When I look in her eyes, I can't help but look away
For the sun is beautiful as well
But were I to stare too long
I would surely go blind

Such beauty is rare, though not nonexistent
Proven by her reflection
It is here so clearly.