Taking Down the Cards


Another card on the wall

Another person that I've lost

For no reason at all

Their wishing for happiness

Don't matter anymore

I count them

One by one

The first lost because she wasn't good enough

Another because of an enemy not shared

A third because I couldn't keep the contacts

The rest falling into some category in between

One by one, slotting into place

But mainly I lost them all

Because I thought that I was better than them

And I was striving towards an unrealistic goal

Another card on the wall

Fluttering from my limp hand to the ground

Because I cant stand seeing the reminder every day

That reminder to the fact that I was the one that destroyed my happiness


A/N: Another piece inspired by something simple. This time it was b-day cards I had stuck on my wall. I read the names and realised how many friends I'd lost. And here was this poem.

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Hope you enjoyed :D