A/N: Here is another poem of mine that I was writing on the top of my mind and it sort of took a weird approach.

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I realize that you want me to be only yours

And every time I talk about him, your mind is preparing a side note to accomplish your goal in winning my heart

Your expression says it all

When I smile, you know it's not because of you

He is my angel and you my friend

That's all you can be to me

Cold icy stone lay before me, my lover's last remains engraved within the monument

Everything is a blur behind these tears of mourning as I fall to my knees

Wanting everything to be as close as possible to him

Beyond the stone you watch with a hopeful expression

Giving anything for me to run into your arms

I know you were the one who gave him the final blow that ended his life

But I do not move…

I'm cold and I am unsure about your intentions for me

I, on many occasions, broke the heart of a former friend…

Not knowing your true desire for me

And even though you are before me, the knife bleeds the blood of what I thought was my future

It is now my past…

You truly are crazy for me

And despite it all,

I am crazy about you…