Please don't do this!

You're hurting me too!

Can't you see that?

What goes through your mind? Voices?

Please share them with me.

You're scaring me, you've always scared me. But not out of fear…

Fear for your health, your mind.

I'm scared for you. Not of you.

Will I see you tomorrow?

Will I see you again?

Don't do this to yourself…

Open your eyes and look around at everyone.

Don't hide away from us.

We all love you, we care for you.

Please don't cave in.

Running away is overrated

Dying is overrated

Don't flee from yourself, from us.

Just stay and listen

We will help.

Just give us… me a chance!

Don't avoid us…

One day we might not be here to help you…

Then who can you turn to?


Give your life a chance… again.

Please, for us for me… for you.

Do it for the ones who love you.

Please don't go?

Where are you?

Who are you…?

I don't recognise you anymore…

Did I ever know you?

Who are you?