Seriously, I don't know what possessed me
the first time. Thirteen years we were spellbound
yet seven times we split. My soul, my love,
my spirit.

He could charm me with a single look,
so strong I stumbled. I loved him strongly, sensually.
Sometimes he'd bring men round, he'd slither in

through the cat-flap after a day at the
office. Seemingly silent yet he knew my
thoughts so well. It was like he could
see through a window in my head.

Sunday it was. Man at the door. Hat under
one arm. "I regret to tell you, your husband's
gone. Missing presumed dead." I slipped and
slided in and out

of shock. But one day he called me
and I slithered to him. Submissive and subordinate.
Secret for years. Seasons slipped by as I soothed,
he suckled. Soon he resurfaced.

Shorter than before. Same as before, some of
the better days. But when it came to it I saw the light
when I was coiled on his neck. He was the powerful one,
he loved her more. So I sacrificed myself for the cause.