Just the Family Cat

AN/ a story about life in the Sanders family home. Told from the perspective of my cat. It's going to need a beta, so if your intested, please let me know.

My family is the strangest family in the entire Country of America. Probably in the entire Continent of North America. Probably the whole world! Well, maybe not the whole world…some of Erynn's friends are a little off.

Erynn is the weirdest. She's 15 and when she's not staring at the typer, she's talking to the phone. Every year, she has a ton of strangers come over. They bring strange scents and make so much noise, that my head starts to pound. When that happens, I go and hide under Teresa's bed.

Then there's Brina. She's six and everyday she starts screaming for absolutely no reason. Sometimes at Erynn, sometimes at Teresa. And every once in a while she yells at me.

Teresa is Brina and Erynn's mom. She works a lot and isn't at home while the two scream at each other. I don't like yelling and screaming. Those two do nothing but stress me out.

Your probably thinking "Then why don't you just tell them to shut up? Or go over to a friends while Teresa isn't home?" Well, you see, I can't really do those things.

I'm just the Family Cat.