AN/ Yeah, I don't really know…my cat seems to like revenge just a little too much if you ask me….

'Uhg…need…food…' I thought, walking slowly to the kitchen. I stopped in front of my empty food bowl and stared down at it. 'When's Teresa going to get home? I'm starving!' I wagged my tail back and forth in annoyance.
Erynn walked in and reached into the fridge to grab a can of root beer.
"Mrrrooow?" I meowed, weaving in between her legs as she tried to walk away. "Puurrr."
"What now?" She asked, looking down at me. "You CAN'T be hungry again. Mom JUST left, like, ten minutes ago!" She looked at me in disbelief.
"Meeewww." I mewed. She sighed.
"Ok, fine." Erynn crouched down and reached into the cupboard, pulling out another can. She opened the can and put it in a bowl, before setting it down in front of me. I sniffed at it. 'Hmm…this smells pretty good…" I thought before taking a bite. It WAS good. In fact, it was DELICIOUS.
"There, now stop complaining, fatty." Erynn said, petting me. I looked up and pointedly turned my back on her before continuing my meal. How DARE she call ME fat! I'm not fat…I'm just…fluffy.
AN/ Yes I know it wasn't long but that's just too bad. I'll think of something else for him to do later…