I write down this note to you in a pen of dejected blue,

In hopes that what I crave will help me to behave

When I listen to your yells. It seems this house is under spells

That hide the truth of your deception which I clearly saw at my reception,

For no one else would be so blind to miss what I so easily find.

You search for minds of the weak to gain access to whatever you may seek,

And yet here I stand with my foot down. It seems that the people of this town

Can't realize they are walking with lies even as the telltale crow flies

And land on the tree in our backyard. It seems I'm the only one standing guard

To protect those I love and hold dear, because no one will lend me their ear

To listen to what I have to say about the one I spend time with every day.

What mask do you wear that's so cunning? How long and how far must I keep running?

I know I am the better one of us two. There is no doubt; I know what I must do

To stop this madness, but there's a price to stop me from dealing with this twice.

I must hold this deep within, to hide it from my friends and kin

And from those who may try to warn you because they are sworn.

And so, even though I am worth more than you'll ever be, you're

Not the one hurting – I am. Even though I want to slam

The door in your face, smile I must, to make sure that your vile,

Worthless self isn't aware of the dagger I keep close with care.

This note will be crumpled and throw away, since there's no use warning my enemy today.

When the time is right, I'll strike – to show who you're really like

When the mask comes off. You'd only roll your eyes and scoff

If you were to see what pain I go through to have my gain.

You can't shed these tears or bleed this blood or face your fears,

Because I'm better than you. Don't bite off more than you can chew.