He's using poetry to hurt me.
My poetry.

I shouldn't be surprised.
I deserved this.
This is all my fault.

You said you where miserable
with me. You don't know why you
stay so long.

It's not like I can read
your mind.

Well Darling,
who's fucking fault is that?

Who held a gun to your head
and said stay with this girl?
One you consider lying trash.

Oh, wait, I know this!
NO ONE. You stayed, and god only knows
why you did.

I certainly didn't force you.

I asked.
I asked you to come spend
Easter with me and my family.
You agreed.

I asked you to sleep over.
You agreed.

If you hated being with me so much
why come.

Why let me think you care?
What part of you thought is was
cool to pretend to be in love with me
and let me feel like shit because I
couldn't love you back?

How DARE you use my poetry
against me,
make bets with your friends about who
and when I have sex?

Don't think I'm sinking to your level
of vengeance.
But I refuse to let you think
that you could go so long
pretending and think it's

Because it's not.

You said you felt
bad rejecting me when a friend
who cared asked you if you liked me.
But you don't feel bad breaking up with me
because I told a friend I thought
I had a crush on someone.
That I had doubts about our relationship.

Oh, forgive me for being human.

I will admit, I've made mistakes, and I'm not perfect.
But this isn't all my fault.
Nor do I deserve that.