Idea loosely based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, the Named series by Claire Bell, and the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce; twisted, warped, and mutated by infernalnightstepper (that's ME! :D)

the characters, plot, and pretty much everything © to me

inspiration for this story © Erin Hunter, Meredith Ann Pierce & Claire Bell

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W I N D - F E E T

The Clan of the Wind is renown for their swiftness and their level-headed warriors. They have feathers and delicately built bodies

Chieftain ~ Amethyst – small irridescent purple male

Heir ~ Coal Striker – black, cream, and red male with the claws of a hawk; half Flame

Sight Teller ~ Pokutail – slim female with three red tails; often has a faraway look

Herb Master ~ Clinger – small, wiry pale brown male

Senior Warriors Guardians of the Wind

Mountain Tree – earth-colored male with amber stripes and claws

Old River – very old female with six ears; her eyes are very bad

Ta Ra Kolspik – scruffy female with a dark mottled green pelt and very long whiskers


Tigerfur – young tiger-striped female

Redflower Dawn – female with a crimson stripe down her back

Warriors Galeriders, Tempeststrikers, Stormgazers

FarLeap – lithe dusky brown male with incredibly strong back legs

Dusk Stalker – dark brown and ruddy male, grey eyes

Ivy – pale green female with white eyes and ivy leaves in her fur

Snow Paw – white female, violet-colored eyes

Ash Feathers – tall dark blue male with lighter markings

Fledglings Gustjumpers, Breezestalkers

Swan – white male with pale tawny legs

Feather – thin violet-colored female, very light on her feet

Jagged – tough-looking red female, long claws, ears of an owl

Koi – orange and white male with a fish tail; half Mist

Yew – pale golden brown male, black ears

Cherokee – dark brown female, golden spots, blue swirls

Thunder – dark grey male with white markings

Hi – bright firey red and orange female, can breath hot steam; part Flame

M I S T – W H I S K E R S

The Clan of Mist is subtle and cunning. They have slightly webbed feet, thick tails, and incredible eyesight

Chieftain ~ Wren Flight – mottled brown female; as fidgety as a bird

Heir ~

Sight Teller ~ Seer – mysterious dark blue male

Herb Master ~ Rinhoku Ja Hu – wiry pale grey and tawny female

Senior Warriors Guardians of the Mist

Youngheart – energetic purple and black female

Black Dawn – black male with a black attitude


Keener – talkative young dun-colored female

Cloud – very light grey female, often has wisps of heavy fog around her

Krela Mao – shy female with topaz-colored claws and a prehensile tail

Fizzleheart – orange and golden female

Warriors Fogbringers, Steamslashers, Smokegazers

Frog Whiskers – dark green female

Spine Foot – white male with spines in his black feet

Jwa Ko – amber-colored male with black fins

Torchtail – dark grey male with a firey red tail

Grinna – dark grey and brown female with the mouth of a piranha

Ice Step – ice blue female with claws of crystal

Onyx – black male with hints of purple

Fledglings Smogrunners, Hazestalkers

Talunn – long-nailed silver female

Sprinter – sleek blue female with powerful legs

Flint – dark grey male with lighter markings

Grass – dark green and topaz male with topaz eyes and a fish tail; part Wind

Skinner – skinny, long-limbed male with pale grey rings around his eyes

F L A M E - H E A R T S

The Clan of Flame is proud and pugnacious. They have the ability to breathe fire, and their lithe bodies are infused with metal to be able to withstand the heat

Chieftain ~ Hailstorm – ice-blue female with black specks

Heir ~ Bace – dark reddish male with tawny ear stripes

Sight Teller ~ Ding – black, white, tawny, and brown female

Herb Master ~ Yellow Stripe – grey female with a dull golden stripe down her tail

Senior Warriors Guardians of the Flame

Frailheart – old female with dull grey fur

Cinder Foot – pale grey male with darker feet

Cindercry – dark grey and orange female


Eagle – golden brown and white female, talons of an eagle; half Wind

Myrtlewhisker – earth-colored female with dark green hints

Warriors Coalchewers, Blazewalkers, Flaretamers

Rainfall – dark blue-grey male

Sparker – pale orange and dark red male with claws of flint; can create fire

Smoker – mottled grey female who breathes smoke

Voidwhisperer – lithe male, blacker than night

Mole Claw – pale brown female with thick, blunt claws; half Loam

Switch – half black, half white male, much like a yin-yang

Fledglings Sparkcatchers, Firecreepers

Lash – lanky, long-tailed turquoise male; his pelt constantly changes shades of turquoise

Bat – blind dark brown female with large bat-like ears

Sky – pale blue female

Ring – tawny male with black and white rings on his tail, which is constantly twitching

L O A M - C L A W S

The Clan of Loam is known for its steadfast, nimble warriors. They have the ability to meld with their surroundings, and their patience is unmatched

Chieftain ~ Squallwing – grey, white, tawny and dark purple male

Heir ~ Lame Paw – black and brown male with a lame foot

Sight Teller ~ Thrush Pelt – mottled grey female

Herb Master ~ Youngscar – turquoise and bronze male with a scar across his face

Senior Warriors Guardians of the Loam

Whiskerdrop – chrome colored female with long whiskers

Creak – irritable old male with bad joints

Twofang – cheerful pale red female with only two teeth

Heather Runner – pale tawny-yellow female


Frog-Claw – amber-colored female whose jumping ability is incredible

Warriors Clayshapers, Leafgazers, Treeleapers

Lock – chrome colored male with a chain and lock fused into his skin around his neck

Spider Wing – black male with silvery weblike markings

Smith – chrome colored female with six toes

Cracklestep – big brown male with darker stripes and big paws

Muck – mottled brown male with violet-colored eyes

Wheatwhisker – wheat-colored female with long whiskers

Newleaf – pale green female with darker stripes resembling leaf veins

Nightfall – black and navy blue male

Coldsnap – pale blue and silver male whose breath is very cold

Umberthroat – black male with an umber-colored patch on his throat that gives off heat

Fledglings Mudsteppers, Earthstrikers

Fu – bossy, amber colored female with faint black stripes

Sliver – chrome colored female with a bronze eye

Singe – tawny male with black paws, ears, and tail

Sleet – mottled dark blue and white female who can make her fur become wet; half Mist


Chieftain – leader of the clan

Heir – second-in-command, usually the one to take over leadership when the chieftain dies

Sight Teller – a seer or mystic. They often have supernatural powers, called talents

Herb Master – has extensive knowledge of plants and stuff like that; healer and poisoner

Guardians of the Flame – protectors of the clan; warriors with a lot of experience and also older warriors who would rather stay at home

Birthers – those who give birth to the young. Mostly warriors, but sometimes there are full-time birthers

Warriors – the main fighters and hunters of the clan; they are split into three equal ranks

Fledglings – young banes who are training to become warriors; split into two equal ranks

The Warrior Classes

Wind Feet

Galeriders – warriors that can go out in the fiercest of storms when none else can

Tempeststrikers – warriors that can channel a the energy of the wind

Stormgazers – warriors that can read the wind currents better than any other warrior class

Gustjumpers – fledglings that can move quickly by using wind as a booster

Breezestalkers – fledglings that seek out strong storms or air currents

Mist Whiskers

Fogbringers – warriors that can control fog, to a certain extent

Steamslashers – warriors that use quick, silent fighting techniques; essentially, assassins

Smokegazers – warriors that can read the mist patterns and predict how they will travel

Smogrunners – fledglings that can navigate flawlessly through fog

Hazestalkers – fledglings that rely on using the fog to confuse and catch their quarry

Flame Hearts

Coalchewers – warriors that consume live coals to better their firebreathing abilities

Blazewalkers – warriors that can run through, on, or in fire

Flaretamers – warriors that can control fire, to a certain extent

Sparkcatchers – fledglings that are trained to catch live coals and other such airborne objects

Firecreepers – fledglings that can navigate through live fires and come out unsinged

Loam Claws

Clayshapers – warriors that can control the shape of the earth, to a certain extent

Leafgazers – warriors that can read the flora and earth, the best trackers

Treeleapers – warriors that can climb and jump from trees as quickly as squirrels

Mudsteppers – fledglings that can run over mud or quicksand, or traverse a landslide

Earthstrikers – fledglings that attack from below; experts at trapping and ambushing

History of the Clans

Relatively new, the four clans have lived in their territories for a mere two years. Made up of stray, feral, and tame animals used for whitecoat research, these clans started out as simply an experiment.

The whitecoats wanted to know what would happen, should genetically altered animals be let loose in the wild.

They gave their creations new genes and elemental abilities and even gave a few unnatural mutations, and monitored them closely.

Then, their creations malfunctioned. The whitecoats were unable to stop their beasts from going feral, but they steadily continued their research, trapping a few of their creatures from time to time and taking notes, altering or fixing their design, taking more notes, and setting them loose.

The beasts, known as banes, sometimes called errors, were created from almost anything the whitecoats could get their hands on. They had been warped so much, one could barely tell what animal an individual bane had once been.