Ok...So...second poem today...don't kill me if it's bad...it's kinda long...

Blood Drenched Rose

Single metallic bullet
Soaring through the sky
Slowly sinking into her chest
Her cries and whimpers
Scarlette blood splattering to the ground
She falls to the earth motionlessly
Thick crimson liquid tricking
Formind a deep red stain
Her face, gashly pale
Trembling lips only seemed to say "why?"

Anger, anguish,pain
His face played a smirk
Satisfied her life he had taken
From his pocket he pulled
A pure white rose
Murder's signature

A white rose
Symbolizing death purity and truth

Thorn pricked his finger
A drop of claret blood fell upon her delicate cheek
Walking away
Leaving behind a single tattered rose in a pool of blood
White slowly fading red
The pureness and truthall gone
Covered in dark warm blood

All that was left
A single blood drenched rose
Once it was white like his heart
But now it's dark
Dark as the endless pit of nightmares
Weakly reaching for that very rose
Drenched with her own blood
All that will become of her...

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