The queen had been killed by her own guard.

That had been the beginning of it all. The King had been furious. His son, Titus, could have been in danger as well.

Therefore he created a spell….

The Enchanting Spell; A spell that would control the guards at the royal command. It was cruel, but it would protect the future heirs from harm. The spell had been experimented on soldiers… and then finally, the spell was complete and the king gave his title to Prince Titus.

King Titus had actually seen his mother get killed by her body-guard, and it made him hate all guards. He even sometime tortured his bodyguard, in the delight of seeing him in pain.

Soon after the Enchanting Spell had been legal in Azurna, all of the guards working for king Titus had the Enchanting Spell forced upon them.

King Titus had made sure that his spell-casters would have every trained soldier go under the Enchanting Spell.

One spell-caster of the name of Elina had fallen on the King's eyes and a secret relationship formed.

But one day, Elina had just disappeared, away from the castle, and supposedly, out of the realm of Azurna.

After that, King Titus had a dove land at his balcony and there was a letter. He opened it and read:

Dear Titus, my King, my lord, my love,
I have left the land, knowing this was some
kind of forbidden love; therefore I am leaving you.
In ten months there will be arriving a gift…
some token of love we shared.
Forever yours, but then never yours,

When King Titus read this, the grim truth of a child reached him. He sat down and wrote with his fancy pen:

Dear Elina, my love, my life,
What torture you go through, yet you need not.
Come back to the castle. We can have a life of love and life.

The dove took it out, flying towards the place where Elina was, but it happened to be killed by an arrow of an other Kingdom's ruler, King Novon.

King Novon confronted King Titus of the letter, and Titus denied that he ever knew an Elina.

Titus never received anything from his beloved Elina, except the long expected baby, he received. King Titus had already married another lady, and his secret could never get out.

Late at night he took the babe to one of his most trusted friends, and spell-casters, Ario.

Ario was the weak type of man, not a lot of muscle protruded from his arms, or legs, but he was strong with his mind; therefore he was a spell-caster.

Titus was lucking to find him awake.

"What is this?" Ario whispered; it was night and everything was quiet.

"A son I was never suppose to have." King Titus said, honestly.

Ario's eyes grew big. "You have an heir?"

"I do."

"With Lady Givan?" Ario raised an eyebrow. It could not have been that soon.

"With Elina." King Titus said.

"Surly you will keep him." Ario said.

"It would not be wise. Kill it." Titus said.

"You know I will not. You may have much command of all the soldiers, but I am your friend." Ario said, backing away.

That was the blooming of Titus's idea.

"Then do not kill it." He said. "The Enchanting Spell shall be put on him. Make his a guard."

"That would be worse than death!" Ario said, urgently. He could not believe his friend was acting this way.

"My father was the one who created the spell. As a friend, save this child's death, and give his the chance to serve his king."

"You mean his FATHER!" Ario retorted.

"I swear I will chop off you head if you do not do this!" King Titus said.

"Then Titus, you are no longer a friend to the people." Ario said, and he took the babe and walked away, but then he turned one last time to look at King Titus.

"I shall not name the babe, my king. So you may never curse the name!" Then Ario disappeared in the shadows of the castle.

And King Titus walked off.