Eighteen years later, changes happened.

Ario had raised the boy up as his own, and he called his Chime and in the language of the tongue the meaning meant: "nothing".

Chime had served King titus's army several time and was now for four years the main body-guard of King Titus's daughter Princess Rose. Princess Rose was only seventeen, and today was the day she was to move to the next nation to marry the prince there.

This also meant Chime would have to move to the other kingdom, because that was how marriage was suppose to go: The wife would never adapt to her husbands body-guards.

Ario smiled at Chime as he sat down at the table.

"You grew up to fast." He said.

Chime nodded his head. "Aye And you're seemingly immortal, your appearance never changed."

Ario laughed… and then he grew sad.

"I am afraid this is the last I shall be seeing of you. With the sound of the remark Chime lowered his head.

"If only the Enchanting Spell was destroyed, then I could.""

Ario looked down with a shameful look: What have I done?

"I just wished I could hunt down the enchanter."

It was time. Ario sat down.

"Chime, I think it is time you knew that … well, ...I am not your real parent." The words slipped out nicely, but that was not what Ario was afraid of telling Chime.

Chine had frozen.

"Then who is?" he asked, simply.

"They didn't want you. They were the ones that took you out of their lives. If I was under the Enchanting Spell, I would have been forced to kill you."

"But only the King can control the Enchanting Spell." Chime said, confused.

Ario sighed, putting his thumb and other fingers and opposite ends of his forehead.

"That was what I was getting at." Ario said, silently.

"Are you trying to tell me that my father is King Titus?"

The shock on Chime's face was indescribable

"This is nothing to be happy about, Chime. He wanted me to kill you when you were only a month old. I wouldn't. I would not see a King command an innocent child to be killed. So he threaten –" Ario started to heave, remembering the night perfectly.

"Threaten to what? "Chime asked, leaning closer into the table.

"He threatened to kill me for sparing you life, so he commanded me, as King, to put that damn Enchanting Spell on you!"

Chime stared at Ario with his blue eyes.

"Why didn't he want me?" Chime asked.

"Because the recent Queen Givan was never your mother. I knew your real mother, her name was Elina. I worked with her a lot."

"You knew my mother?" Chime asked.

"I am telling you this because I wanted you to know before you left me."

"I am sorry I said what I said." Chime said.

"No. no, don't be sorry. I know you hate the Enchanting Spell, and I know you wish you could destroy it. So I ask for your forgiveness, I ever you have the heart to forgive."

Just then Chime stood up, knocking the chair, he had been sitting on, down. Ario jumped, afraid Chime was going after him.

Chime started to grab his sword.

Ario sighed, knowing it was only the time Chime had to leave for the castle.

"I am sorry, I am told to go now." Chime opened the door, "Goodbye!" he said, knowing it would probably be the last time he ever saw Ario again.

Once the door was shut, Ario sat back down on the chair, placing his elbows on the table, and his hands of his forehead and gave a deep sigh.