Welcome to the Estrada Resort!

I can't complain. Life was good. Sure, thanks to my stupid high school self I decided to take a few years off from school after graduation and instead of graduating from college as a 21 year old, I graduated as a 25 year old. And I ended up choosing a career where no matter what degree I have, I can't immediately go into what I want. I have to start at the bottom of the food chain. But, it was all good living as a single bachelor (well, not really single...but I wasn't married so it counts) in California, starting a new job as a front office manager at the Estrada Resort, and having the time of my life. Awesome.

See, my first job after high school was at a hotel near my home in Upland, California. Once I decided that hotel management was my future, I decided to go to school for it and ended up spending four years in university for it, while maintaining a part time job with the hotel. Soon, I was out of school and with my experience and bachelor's degree, I was able to be promoted to a front office management position at the ever famous and exclusive Estrada Resort right here in Marina Island, off the coast of California.

The Estrada chain of high class hotels and resorts were located around the world, the one in Marina Island was the first ever built. Each one held its reputation of being the best of the best. Forget about the Ritz Carlton with its motto of, "We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen." With us, it was assumed. Everyone knew. The Estrada didn't even need a motto. We were that good. Although, I'm sure we had one. I just never found it but my theory still holds. We were too good for a motto.

Every day, I would jump on a ferry going from Carlsbad, where I lived, to Marina Island and then back home. On the weekends, my friends and I would drive up to LA if we felt like going out for a night in the city.

Not bad at all, right? Like I said, I can't complain. Life was good.

Until the Estrada family showed up announcing their 24 year old daughter's wedding. Right here, in our resort.

I remember my first day there when the general manager, Ken Blair, was showing me around.

"Have you ever met the Estrada family?" He asked as we got on the elevator.

I shook my head. "No sir, I haven't."

He nodded. "Right, well, when they show up, either put on the bravest face possible, maintain cool or run and hide."

I turned to look at him as the elevator dinged as we got to the top floor. I followed him out. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged as he kept walking. "If Mrs. Estrada doesn't like you, you're gone."

I nodded. I wasn't intimidated. "I can find another job."

Mr. Blair laughed as he paused to run his finger along the frame of a picture hanging on the wall. He looked closely at his finger and after making sure there was no dust, continued walking. "If their daughter, Ms. Ivana Estrada doesn't like you-"

"I'm gone," I finished for him.

Mr. Blair laughed some more. "That and you will never work for another Estrada hotel or resort in your life."

That was a little intimidating. My dream had been to be a general manger for the Estrada Resort in Jamaica. Don't ask why Jamaica. I didn't know why. I just wanted to work there.

"Let's put it this way," Mr. Blair smiled encouragingly at me as we continued our property walk. "Drop everything when they walk in and attend to them. Even if the President of the United States pulls up, our first priority is and will always be the Estrada family."

And, honestly, everything had been going well for that first half a year that I had been spending there. The Estradas had yet to show up. Apparently, they would show up unexpectedly and expect to see their business booming and in perfect condition. Nothing I couldn't handle but it was always good to be on edge in case they did show up.

I just wish they hadn't shown up for the specific reason of announcing that their daughter was getting married. Brides are scary as it is and to have one at your job with the power to possibly ruin your dream was even worse.

"They're here!" I heard one of my employees mutter as he took one of the interns and pushed her into the break room. "Stay there and don't come out until it's safe."

I wanted to roll my eyes and tell him to stop intimidating the poor girl but as soon as the Estrada family walked in, I was wishing that I was one of the various interns being pushed into the break room for hiding.

They had an intimidating air about them. Mr. Estrada was lean and tall, in very good shape for a 51 year old, with salt and pepper hair and incredibly white teeth. He didn't seem too bad with his giant grin and all the greetings he was handing out to all the employees. Next to him was his wife who was lightly holding his arm. Her face was full of arrogance and held a very tight smile. Her dirty blond hair was pulled up into an impeccably neat bun and her emerald eyes roved around the lobby. And behind them, came Ivana Estrada. There was no denying that she was absolutely beautiful. Her look was cool and calculating showing no emotion, but I couldn't be sure yet since her sunglasses were covering her eyes. She pushed her dark hair back with her sunglasses and suddenly her dark emerald eyes contacted mine.

I was about ready to run for my life.

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As for Marina Island...well, as far as I doesn't exist. Unless all the maps I looked at to make sure of this were wrong. I hope they weren't. And any of my refrences of California probably shouldn't be trusted since the last time I lived there was a good 13 years ago and a good 10 years ago since the last time I visited for vacation.

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