The Commander from Cemal

"By order of His Majesty Feroz, King of Cemal, the Jewel of the West, Akbar, Habib, and Jamal of Cemal, you are charged with Treason of the highest degree,"
Aden, commander of the King's West Legion, read from the scroll containing the orders for their arrest. He had exposed the mole in the Cemalian Court; he could not be more pleased that his work had paid off so well.

He continued to speak, "It would seem the King does not enjoy entertaining undercover agents from Emrys in his House. Luckily for you," Aden rolled up the scroll, preparing to hand it to the traitors, "the King is gracious. Instead of condemning you straight to death, you will be brought to judgment by His Majesty's Council. For now, you are to come with me, peacefully."

Aden handed Akbar, who was still dressed in fine silks of nobility, the orders of the king. He rose and took the paper from Aden's hand. Akbar had been the leader of this band of conspirators, posing as a traveling scholar, bringing with him two students. Fortunately, Aden had managed to intercept an outgoing message that would have exposed Cemal's plans for invasion into Emrys.

Akbar's eyes scanned the official paper; it was practically a sentence to death. These treasonous men had no hope of a fair trial or even a promising sentence. They had been working for Cemal's greatest enemy: Emrys.

The three accused men looked back at Aden silently. Jamal and Habib were already standing behind Akbar, still posing as students instead of the well trained spies that they were.

Aden tensed as he watched Akbar's muscles flare. Akbar's hand was slowly reaching for his sword. Aden moved his hand to rest on the hilt of his sword.

Suddenly, Akbar unsheathed his sword at his side, "Long live Emrys!"

Jamal and Habib also bared their swords. Along with his three Royal Guards, Aden jumped forward to attack the shameful infiltrators.

Immediately Aden went for Akbar. He swung down his blade, but Akbar blocked his heavy attack. Swords clashed around him. Falling into the same routines that had gotten him through military school, he attacked, unrelenting and unceasing. Somehow Akbar managed to block every strike. Momentarily, Aden fell back in an effort to study his competitor and find a weakness. Trying to seize the advantage Akbar struck and Aden smiled as he turned the battle in his favor.

Suddenly, Akbar's sword went flying from his hand. In Akbar's hasty attack, Aden swiftly assailed Akbar, causing him to loose the grip on his sword. Now he was at Aden's mercy: cornered and weaponless.

The edge of Aden's sword was instantly pressed against Akbar's neck. "Either come peacefully and face your judgment or die by my hands. Your choice," Aden spoke pointedly.

Akbar, sweat now on his brow, spoke, "I…shall come peacefully."

Aden spun him and drove him into the wall, "Emrys scum."

The apprehension of the other two was well in hand. Aden heard their shackles being placed on their hands. A guard came up and shackled Akbar.

Aden smiled as he saw the three apprehended and on their way to prison. He had not only served his King well, but he had won on a more private level. It was Aden's personal mission to end all things of or from Emrys. That country was not only the enemy of Cemal, but the destroyer of all that was good in the world. He would lay his life down in the attempt to rid the world of the evils that Emrys brought. Aden has only had two objectives throughout his entire life: to serve his King and to wipe Emrys of the face of the earth.