The Promotion

Aden had been called to the throne room by King Feroz and arrived there promptly in response.

"Your Majesty," Aden bowed, "You wished to see me?"

The King sat upon his golden throne, decorated in precious jewels. No expense was spared in displaying the glory and wealth of the King. He was a fearsome ruler, often cautious and suspicious of others. He demanded the best and was constantly turning over servants, officials, and even generals. The slightest hint of incompetence could send him into a fit of fury. Aden gladly served this terrifying King that ruled by might and force. The king was decisive and knew what he wanted and would settle for no less. Aden found serving that kind of king easy to please.

"Aden, you have served me well. You have not once failed to carry out an order that I have set before you. And for your discovery of the moles in my palace, I offer you my gratitude," King Feroz said very plainly.

Aden responded with appreciation, "Thank you, your majesty. Since I have come to Cemal, my only goal has been to serve my King and my country to the best of my abilities. I owe Cemal and those who rule over it my life and service—all that I ask is to continue serving for the rest of my days."

The King studied Aden, "I like you, Aden. Even better yet, I trust you. This is why I have decided to send you and the West Legion to Emrys and settle a problem that we have with them."

Aden bowed instantly, "What, specifically, would you like me to do, my Lord?"

"Destroy Emrys, and bring its former might and glory down onto its knees," the King commanded.

Aden rose, "I promise you, I shall do all that you ask and more. I know you understand that this is what I've wanted my entire life."

The King smirked, "If you succeed Aden, you shall be adorned in glory and riches. Kadir shall be freed, Emrys shall be in ash, and all will be right with the world."

"I can not express my thanks, your Majesty," Aden spoke truly. This was what he wanted. He could finally destroy the bane of his existence: Emrys.

"You are dismissed. Take whatever provisions necessary. You have my blessings and trust," King Feroz said.

Aden bowed once more and turned to leave.

King Feroz spoke with weighted words, "By the way, Aden, you are no longer the Commander of the King's West Legion, but General of the King's West Army."

Aden turned around and bowed, "Thank you, my King. You will not be disappointed."

The King scanned Aden, "I know I will not."

With that, Aden left to prepare for the destruction of Emrys and the beginning of his liberation.