You're Fairytale Halo

By: Olivia Brayan

You're a dark temptation, a devil-luscious diversion

The heavens brightened when you're exposed and paths clear, begging for your touch

Just as my body bends, you circle as if I'm too much to handle

You're an unthinkable song, a divine melody

My ears crave your voice, if only to make angels sin

Would be for you to win, me

You're a godly perfume

A blend of the mountains and below

The smoke swirls around you yet never daring to stroke, like me

My mind is screaming for an escape, an ancient wisdom tasting the danger

I know the cost and still, I pull closer

Fear is always evident in every soul

Your eyes rage through me cruelly, like a teasing glimmer of sun

Burning through all the lies, caressing the terrified truth

You reach the darkest corner, with your shady light

You're arctic and murky

Still, about the frosty and hazy exterior

I see a glimpse of your halo, it crowns you, adding to the fairytale

You're an obscurity, a security

Everything is an oxymoron, a mistake, a joke

Everything is yours to cast as you wish