we didn't jump in anything with our clothes on,
didn't pull out a film camera once, didn't smile
for photos.

this is what i've got of this summer, no
july theater tickets, old tea bags drying
on windowsills for
a second cup…

august, what ever happened to tokyo?
what happened to oslo and madrid
to police sirens on street-corners?

we didn't climb trees or take walks to
the other side of town; didn't sing in the
city or learn the harmonica.
we didn't live up to it,
we pretend that we did 'what we could.'

we're stifling august, guys.
gotta let him go.

thanks for reading, hope your summer was grand!
don't know if every reader knew this, but TPC is Tokyo Police Club, a great band out of Canada. their video for "your english is good" is the perfect summer, so if you want, watch it.