A/N: Short summary to start you off. Sorta first story that's gonna be carried on. This is just a prolouge so it's short but the real chapters will be longer, much longer. Hope you enjoy it and please tell me what you think.

Adelaide hates her life and wants it to change, drastically. Her life leads to many unexpected twists and turns, some good and some not. She makes the decisions purely on instinct and seems to have quite few issues with the world. How was she to know though, that her split second decisions would affect everybody else in the bloody universe, ending up with a not so good result. Read to hear her story, just give it a look.

"When we fall down, we can easily pick ourselves back up. Getting past the pain is the hardest yet bravest thing to do. Hold your head high, and don't let others see your pain."

Every story has its typical happy ending for someone; usually it is the protagonist. You hear all of those stories don't you, the 'And they lived happily ever after' stories. Or even of magical unbelievable weddings and romances occurring. The 'good guy beats the bad guy' kind, the ones filled with fights or some sort of predicament that affects a whole lot of people, and that this single person can help change and solve everybody's problems! This single person is no other than…

The 'Hero' of the story. Imagine that though, you walk down a street and people call you a hero. You've done right by them; in their eyes you've helped people and have become their saviour. But deep down, I thought to myself, 'Who's my saviour?' Well, that was only one of the many questions I asked myself. If I had really thought about an answer for every single question in my mind, I'm fairly sure it would have driven me insane. Hell I think it did with the kind of stunts I pulled in my earlier life.

Oh that's right, you don't know me or anything about me. I'll tell you my story, of how my name became a legend that I despised and hated. One, where I was full of guilt at being called a hero and wished that people knew the real truth.

I was going to tell them I really was, but something shut me up before I had the chance. My mouth closed and I mumbled the very last of my cynical personality, before it disappeared forever not to be heard. God don't I sound so, angsty. Yeah, but I'm not that angsty, more of a cynical type. For those good believers in me, they never saw the real me, or heard me for who I really was and not for who they thought I should be.

Back to my story, if you really want to hear it, then you better have a very steady mind. I considered myself unstable and people thought of me as the most stable person in the world. The irony of it.

And if I do tell you it, promise me this: You don't mourn over lost souls and you don't weep at anything you're told, there isn't any point and nobody deserves it. Not even me.

I've started at the end of my story so, let's take you back some time to when I guess it really did begin. And don't patronise me if I'm not making sense, trust me. Trust me that it will eventually make sense 'cos, the way I tell it is how I lived it. And if it doesn't, then just ask me and I will, well, I guess I can't really explain it to you. But, there are three, well, actually it's five things really that you should know in advance.

1) I hated the idea of marriage. All it leads to is an eventual divorce and costs a lot of money. If you really truly love someone than you don't need a ring or a silly bunch of words to prove that.

2) I was a very antisocial person when it came to crowds. I hated talking about myself; there wasn't any need to tell anyone more than they needed to know.

3) We live in the year 2054 and not on Earth anymore. Global warming and pollution and stuff like that killed the Earth. We had to move –the whole population.

4) We live across six different planets, all with varying status'.

5) I hated MY life and aimed to change as much of my OWN life as I could.

So, let's begin shall we.