its painted perfectly

it looks just like me

the outside of me

the curve of my lips

the brightness of my eyes

the color of my skin

and I wear it


no one can tell

it smiles

and laughs

it acts

as it sees

it copies

the movement of others

not knowing

if its good or bad

just that doing that

will make it not alone

so it does it

just to be with others

not caring

of how I feel

all it does

is make the outside of me

surrounded by people

while the inside

dies slowly

my soul dims

to the darkness of it

it cant beat it

or fight it

because it cant get it off

it has been on so long

that it is now



am now it

I've lost my soul

its died

and left

only to leave

the outer shell

in its place

and I don't even notice

its absence

for im surrounded

and nothing can hurt me

until the people leave

showing how alone

and dead

and empty

I really am

then I cry

and scream in agony

for what I have lost

and what I now am

I have turned into it

the mask