"I hate you." "Love you too." "Did you hear what I just said?" "Yes, but I chose to ignore it. Now be a dear and hand me that book." Thump. I threw it at his head. Series of drabbles about one couple.

Say No More, I Know I'm Gorgeous

1. Rock Climbing

"Oh stop whining, I'm here already." "That's why I'm whining, you dweeb."

"We're almost there Maddie," he said, pulling me up towards the ledge he was on.

I growled at him. "Will you stop calling me that? My name is Madison, not Maddie."

"Is it because you're always mad?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at me in skepticism.

I growled once more at him. "Oh shut up.

He smirked, taking a hand off of the ledge he was holding onto to run his hand through his dirty blonde hair, his sapphire eyes glimmering under the sun. Oh how I hate his looks. "I'm going to go ahead real quick to check the stuff out. I'll come back. Stay right here, Maddie."

I scowled at him, making him smile. He didn't say anything though, he just kept climbing up. That's what I hate about Nathan. He takes nothing serious. Never has for the time I've known him.

"Nate. Nate! Nate!" I whined, swinging back and forth as I held onto the rock.

"I know you love saying my name, but I'm doing something Maddie," he said. I just know he's smirking right now. That ass.

"Are you done?" I snapped. Then he jumped back down to me.

"Oh stop whining, I'm here already," he said, grinning at me foolishly.

I rolled my eyes. "That's why I'm whining, you dweeb."

He frowned, but then quickly regained his cocky confidence. Oh, that sucks.

"Well, then how about you climb this yourself?" he asked, grinning.

I panicked. "No! Don't leave me, Nathan!" I grabbed onto him tightly, and I heard him laugh. I let go, and elbowed him.

"Right, so let's get you to the top," he said, helping me. I nodded, and allowed him to grab my hand. Ugh, his hand's all sweaty.

"Your hand's sweaty," I noted. He looked back down at me, smiling.

"It's what happens when I'm around pretty girls."

I rolled my eyes. "Stop being a dork, you dork."

He laughed. "Whatever you say, darling."

I couldn't help but laugh that time. He helped me reach the top, and helped me back down. And when we got back down, the man said impatiently, "Finally, the kids have been waiting forever for you two to finish."

He laughed. "Well, Maddie here is afraid of heights." I elbowed him, and we left the man to manage his 15 foot rock climbing game.

When the grumpy man was out of earshot, I said, "I may be afraid of heights, but you're afraid of the singer-"

He clasped his sweaty hands over my mouth, and I yanked it off. "Ew! Sweat in my mouth! Jock sweat in my mouth!" I wiped my mouth off on my jacket's sleeves, and stared at him in disgust. "Jackass."

"Don't you dare say her name, or I swear you'll never see your college years," he threatened.

But I smirked at him, and sauntered over at him. I stood on my tip-toes, and held my face right beside his. I could hear his shallow breaths. I murmured so lowly that only he and I could hear.

"Susan Boyle."

A/N: The first of the series. And don't take me wrong, I have nothing against the singer Susan Boyle, but I couldn't really think of a singer that someone like Nathan would be afraid of. So, sorry if I offended you!

Reviews are much appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed this one. There is more to come!