An American Dream

"You've breathed your last, demon!"

Silver streaked wildly as Nero, the magic swordsman sliced Titan, the great demon of darkness's armor to pieces.

"Curses, how can you be so strong?"

The demon roared as mightily and as fearsome as he could, but Nero only laughed. From behind him stepped a woman, dressed in long, blue robes.

"This is for all the people who's lives you stole!"

The magical lady, Tricia began to form in her hands a giant fireball.

"Come on, come on!"

A young boy stood outside the battle, watching it intensely through a television screen. The fireball blasted into Titan, consuming him with fire.


The boy let out a wild cheer. He jumped about his room, bouncing off the bed, walls, and the ceiling. Outside, there came a click-clack of shoes on hard-wood floor and the boy's mother's voice called out to the boy for sleep. The boy quieted down, his gaze unable to turn from the box of light.

"Ha Ha Ha!"

Titan let out a monstrous laugh as he walked unscathed out of the flames. His body became more hideous as he transformed into his most powerful form.

"Now you shall die!"

Nero and Tricia gasped and stepped back. The boy white-knuckle gripped the edge of his bed.

"Is that so?"

Out of the shadows stepped a man with dark, impressive features. The heroes looked at him with surprise. The demon laughed at this new foolish attempt to defeat him. The boy's eyes widened with wonder.

"All these pests are becoming an annoyance."

Titan laughed uproariously. The newcomer slid down his sleeve and held his hand to the sky.

"Annoyance? You'd do well not to underestimate me."

The heavens opened and lightning flew from the sky straight into the dark man's out-stretched hand, but it did not strike and kill, it coalesced, forming about the man's hand, sparking and shining light everywhere. A shiver ran down the boy's spine at the pure awesomeness of the scene.

"Who are you?!"

The demon was shaken. The man had a huge smirk plastered across his face.

"I'm just..."

He leapt into the air, the moon shining behind him. His hand, brimming with energy, trailed behind him.

"... a HERO!"

His palm struck the demon in the chest. The energy charged into Titan's body and exploded.

"Thunder Palm!"

The boy couldn't help it anymore. He let out a loud "Hoorah" and danced about. His mom heard the noise and burst into the room. She scalded him, tossed him into bed, and ended the fight with the push of a button. She stormed off in a fury and left the boy to try and sleep after all the exciting action, a goal that was nearly impossible. The boy thought of the heroes, the great warriors who fought for good. He thought about the evil demon, the being who's sole purpose was to hurt others. Most of all, he thought about the dark man. He held out his hand and closed his eyes, trying to will energy into it. He saw a blue aura surround his hand and solidify into pure power. He thrust his hand into the air.

"Thunder Palm!"

The boy opened his eyes to find his hand bare and ordinary. He felt disappointed and silly. With a sigh, he curled into his blankets and nodded off to sleep.