So Far Lost


Losing sight of myself

Losing faith in this hell

I fall farther and farther from the light I once knew

You were my escape

You were my religion

You were my truth

Yet you lied

You left me here to die

You left me to watch my world crash and burn

Now here I am in hopelessness

Love is my hell

Hell is inescapable


A Hell that is Not My Own


I wanted so badly to be lost

To give up all I know

Yet here I am

Surrounded by my nonexistent faith and memories

Now I look at I have become and pray

Pray for death to engulf me in its flame

To burn in a hell that's not my own for an eternity




Darkness is my friend

My only confidante

The one who hasn't left me to burn in the Sun

Now I must wait

Watch the time tick away

As I listen for the sound that will tell me I've gone

The still silence that will surround me

I will know I've left this world

The world that put me through an eternity of tears