You ask me what love means to me?

I haven't given it much time to settle in my heart what it means, so this is what is on my mind. Though I am curious as to why you felt the need to ask such a deep question. Are you insecure I wonder? Or just interested? But I digress. My answer is as follows:

Love is the sensation of being in flight while firmly planted on the ground. Love is the seed inside each of our flowers that blooms only through our own selfish happiness. It is the greed that comes with those we take a liking to. It was the shaking in my legs when I first saw you. The catch in my throat when you kiss me. The ability to tell you anything. The safety in your arms. The look in your eyes when you're looking at me. The pain of being far away. The warmth of being close. The tears and smiles and words we share. Everything since I've met you.

I can't pretend to fully know what it is, but this is the best I have come up with.


To me it is you.