A/n: So here's a very very short story I wrote for my campus' literary magazine a few months back. I completely missed the deadline (I know, epic fail) and it's kind of sat forgotten on my computer until I finally remembered yesterday. So, um, enjoy! Even though it's a teensy bit depressing haha.

Death of a Snowflake

I can see the light now. Here it comes, burning brightly down on me, and I think, so this is how it ends. This is the end of my short life.

But it wasn't meaningless, this seemingly insignificant amount of time, however brief. I have learned so much in this endless expanse, and shared the lives of so many. How many children have laughed at the sight of me, felt my icy cold kiss upon their cheek? How many lovers have passed me in the moonlight, their boots crunching pleasantly as they strolled by? And the animals, so many animals, who have left their mark on me, their own footprint. Some of them have returned. Many, I find, leave me without a second though, never to come again. And all the while, I sit here, silently observing as all of them go about their lives, though they rarely stop to watch me. For I am ordinary, they think. Just another speck in a crowd of millions.

But it's not true, I say! I may seem the same to you, but I am not. I am unique; we all are, every single one of us. If you would have just taken a moment to see me, to truly look at me, you might have seen my own special beauty. It took a while, but even I have found it now. And I am proud of it. I'm proud of myself, proud of my many-faceted personality, which you could not fully understand even if you actually tried. I love myself, and I pity you for never taking the time to see that.

I forgive you, though, all of you. No one can blame you for living in a society that no longer cares about natural beauty, or about what's below the surface. I am only grateful that as my life ends, I am content. Never before have I been so happy, so fulfilled. With this happiness comes a whiff of what I have come to understand is a spring breeze, and the glorious sun beating down, too warm on my cold skin. The light is uncomfortably hot now, and I can feel my soul slipping away, but it doesn't matter. I am ready for it, and I embrace the warmth with all of the energy I have remaining.

And that is how I, a meager snowflake, say goodbye to this world.