Okay, so I totally love the new Star Trek. And mainly cuz I love the new Spock/Uhura thing. That's kinda where this story came from. I like the teacher/student things that Uhura and Spock had so I decided to write a story about a teacher and student hooking up. Sounds kinda weird and stuff but hopefully you'll like it! lol


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The first day of school was never fun. But when you were a new kid in high school, it was even suckier.

The kids were either to "busy" to help me (the bitchy head cheerleader type) get to my classes or were way to overly helpful (the chess club nerd). And the teachers were either assholes about it (the old single woman with 11 cats type) or were totally cool (the fresh out of college type). All in all I hated every second of it.

This definitly wasn't my first move during my high school career. I had moved about 3 times already; twice during my freshman year and then again this summer. All thanks to my mom. She had to move for a "fresh start" every once in a while to get away from yet another man that dumped her sorry ass. So here I was, stuck learning a new town, a new school and new people. Not like I wasn't used to it. I had moved about 8 times all together. It sucked, but I got used to it. Unlike my sister who would bitch and bitch and bitch. She knew the signs of one of mom's break ups, one of her random decisions to pack up everything and move just as well as I did, yet she always acted surprised when she had to leave the place we were at then. I just nodded when my mom told me and went to get my things, usually still packed in boxes.

"Miss Sophie Kellen, correct?" One of the teachers said, glancing over at her from her desk. She was at least 34 or 35, one of those middle teachers who were still young enough to like the kids but old enough to be starting to realizing that this job sucked the life out of you. But from the smile she gave me when I nodded gave away that she was still clinging to the good things in dealing with immature 14-18 year olds. I never could comprehend any "good parts" in a job like this. "Well, Sophie, I'm Mrs. Aaron and you can take a seat next to Brian Fields, there." She smiled, nodding her head toward the empty desk. This Brian kid lifted his head at the sound of his name, his eyes traveling over me in the sickening way cocky guys who think their something do. He even gave that sick little smile as he sat up. Apparently he liked what he was looking at. Oh great. Now I was going to have to listen to some beef head try to charm me to get in my pants. Beautiful.

I pulled my bag up my shoulder as I ignored Brian's eyes on me as I sat next to him. Mrs. Aaron was getting her things together as Brian leaned a bit closer to me. I could already smell his nasty cologne drifting over from his seat. "Hey."

Wow, a real genius here. At least he hadn't used some stupid pick up line. But there was still time.

I didn't talked to him, just gave a little jerk of my head to show him I heard him, not even glancing in his direction. Unfortunately it didn't discourage him.

"So you're Sophie right? Sophie.... that's a hot name." He said, his deep voice rumbling. I restrained myself from rolling my eyes and laughing my ass off.

"Wow Brian. That was better than Milton." I said, glancing over at him. A totally amusing look of confusion crossed his face. He even threw in a confused "who?" I was about to laugh when Mrs. Aaron finally began class. This was going so beautifully.

Mrs. Aaron was a decent science teacher. She kept chipper and interesting through her whole class period, but tried just a bit too hard. One of those teachers who told some cheese jokes that only made the suck ups laugh. I liked her enough.

Brian ruined the good class period by following me out and still trying to woo me with his amazing pick up lines. I tried to not grit my teeth and run off as fast as I could. "So what class do you have next?" He asked, that sick smile still on his face.

"You don't have it." I said, hoping to just get him and his smelly cologne away from me.

"Aw, come on. I can help you out." He said, his smile going even wider. From his tone I knew exactly what "helping out" meant. It meant dragging me to the janitors closet or something and banging me. Like that would ever happen.

"I'm sure you don't." I said, watching as his smile fell just a bit. Good, he was finally realizing that I wasn't going to melt as his feet. Thank God. She took his silence as an opportunity to pick up my pace and go to my locker. I shoved my biology book into the locker before grabbing another notebook and heading toward my Spanish class. I had already taken Spanish, but this stupid tiny school didn't have much else to choose from as foreign languages went. It was either this or German. And I didn't see any time that I would be speaking German. So Spanish it was.... again.

The teacher wasn't there when I entered the room. There were about 20 students at desks of 2. Many of them were chatting, as just like in my other classes the students who hadn't seen me yet actually turned to look and see me. I rolled my eyes toward the ceiling and sat down at an empty seat near the front of the class, near a brown haired guy in a tight green shirt. Unfortunately, Brian was in this class. And he still gave a little smile towards me. God he was an idiot.

"Hey," The guy next to me said, giving a sweet smile. I gave my own weary smile, wondering if he was gonna try some crap like Brian. "I'm Dillan, you're resident gay."

I blinked at his forwardness, shaking his hand as he gave a bigger smile. "Wow...I'm-"

"Sophie Kellen. People have been talking about the new yummy junior. I'd have to say you are pretty hot." He said, running his hands through his wavy brown hair. "But boobies aren't my type. I'd totally go for you if you were though."

I gave a laugh, already loving this kid. "Thanks. That's the nicest thing I've heard all day. Way better than Brian saying my name was hot."

He gave a chuckle, rolling his eyes. "Total hot jock type, but complete idiot."


The bell rang but most of the kids just kept talking. The teacher still wasn't here. I tapped my foot and glanced around the classroom, listening to a couple of different conversations. Most of them were about the teacher.

"I heard this new Spanish teacher is totally gorgeous." One of the girls gushed, some blonde girl off to my side with perfect curls that she flipped over her shoulder. Her friend, some equally pristine girl with sleek brown hair gave a smile.

"Me too. Alli said that he looks like Shia LaBouf. Total hottie."

Oh my good God. Seriously? I hated girls like this. From their short skirts and even lower shirts they were gonna be the flirty teachers pets, shoving their boobs in his face. I was gonna puke if I had a glimpse of that. Total barfing everywhere.

"They said his name is Mr.... Oh my God."

I glanced over at the girl, following her gaze. Looked like Mr. Hottie LaBouf had come in.

I had to admit he was hot. I mean even if I wasn't interested in dating or falling apart for some guy but I had to admit he was pretty good looking. He definitely didn't look like Shia LaBouf. He was tall and a bit built with dark slightly curled hair. It was long and shaggy, like most high school and college guys wore it. He wore "work clothes" that was baggy black pants and a nice dress shirt that was barely tucked in. He was every high school girls naughty fantasy.

"Hello." I heard Dillan whisper, suddenly at full attention. I smiled at him, rolling my eyes. Not him too.

He gave a smile, two dimples popping up and I swear I heard some girls give little sighs. "Hello all." He said, his deep voice echoing through the hot stuff room. "I'm Mr. Nate Tylers. This is my first year here. I'm 21 and just graduated from Cornell. And I will be your Spanish teacher for the year."

Wow, Cornell.... at 21. He had to have skipped a couple graded or graduated early. Impressive. He had my attention.

"So, for the first day most of the teacher go over the rules and stuff. So I'm guessing your all pretty sick of it." He said, giving another smile. A couple of the kids chuckled (which is to say, most of the girls). "So today I'll just go through and learn all your names, your age and... a interest of yours." He looked around the classroom with his dark green eyes that were surrounded by long black lashes, gauging reactions. "Alright lets start with..." His eyes looked around again, this time stopping on me, "you."

I felt my cheeks go suddenly red, which was unusual. I didn't usually blush because of a guy... let alone a teacher. "Um, well I'm Sophie Kellen and this is my first year here. I'm 16 and a junior and I'm interested in child Psychology."

"Child Psychology? You like working with children?" He said, watching me with those deep green eyes. He almost looked like he was actually interested. It only made me blush deeper for some reason. I pulled on one of my strawberry blonde curls nervously and nodded.

"Yeah." I said lamely, gritting my teeth as a couple of girls giggled. It was the two talking about how hot he was earlier. They gave me those nasty bitchy girl smiles that my sister had mastered when she was like, three. I wanted to rip their hair out.

"Very cool." Mr. Tylers said, giving that dimpled smile. His green eyes held my blue ones for a moment before he went to some nasaly boy behind me who I remembered as Robert. He had very nervously asked if he could help me around the school. He was sweet, but extremely shy. I listened to him stutter around for about ten minutes before my second period teacher finally got his books passed out and stuff. He was a total sweetheart and I had immediately liked him.

I didn't pay much attention as the others introduced themselves. I had no interest in learning about any of my fellow classmates. Not that many kids wanted to come and be my friend. Wearing all black and having a lip ring and nose ring with several tattoos, no many people just came up to talk to me. I intimidated a lot of people. Or I was labeled the druggie freak. I would be gone once my mother found another asshole to screw for a while and he dumped her anyway... yet again. So like the other schools I would stay away from my other classmates, be labeled the loner freak. No big deal. I'd been through it all before. So I just opted for doodling on my note pad. I was so zoned out I didn't even notice when the bell rang and the other students began to get up for lunch.

Not until Mr. Tylers came over and hoovered over my desk. I didn't quite notice him until he spoke.

"'Better to rule in hell, then serve in heaven.'" He quoted from the little sentence I had drawn on the corner of my notebook with the little flames by hell and a sunshine through the clouds near the word heaven. "Paradise Lost."

I glanced up at him, moving some of my hair out of my face. "Oh... yeah." I mumbled, looking over at the nearly empty classroom. A couple girls lingered, watching us closely. Well... watching him closely.

"You've read it for class at your old school?" He asked, those unnerving green eyes staring down at me. He always looked like he cared so much about your answer. One thing I had noticed was he asked questions of every student who had talked in class today.

"No, just for fun." I shrugged. I was bored a lot... seeing as I never had friends. Plus I liked reading.

Mr. Tylers raised his eyebrows at me, looking a bit surprised. I got that a lot. Most people don't figure the quiet girl who dresses in black all the time can read. I didn't really take offense to it anymore. "Wow... most people don't read that for fun."

I stood, gathering my things together. He was a head taller than my 5'4". Standing didn't make him any less intimidating. "Yeah... well I got bored with Junie B. Jones at 2 so... had to read something."

He chuckled, a lighthearted sound that made my stomach swoop. God this was weird. "I see." He smiled, as I headed toward the door. "It was nice talking with you Sophie."

Hearing my name come from his mouth sent shivers down my spine.

What on earth was wrong with me?

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