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I seriously couldn't believe this. I mean I knew they were sad pathetic little girls but seriously? This is what their obsession came too?

I slept in late today, later then I usually do. It was about 12:30 when I woke up. I did what I usually did; got up, got something to eat, turned on the television. My mother had stayed the night with what's his face the night before, leaving my sister and me alone. Chelsea hadn't come home until about 1 in the morning. I didn't bother asking where she had been because I knew I wouldn't have gotten any kind of answer.

The thing that was different this morning though was the fact that when I went outside to read my book, moments later Terra, Shelby and my sister came out, clad in skimpy little bikinis and with fancy little sunglasses on. They didn't even bother glancing in my direction as they sat out their towels on the front lawn, right in the direction of Mr. Tyl- Nate's house. My jaw dropped open as I watched Terra stretch out her lean body and began to put sun tan lotion all over herself. She even had the balls to turn and lean down, her butt facing directly toward Nate's as she smoothed out her towel. Did she even see how pathetic she was?

"What are you staring at?" Terra hissed suddenly as she noticed me looking over at her. I just closed my mouth and shook my head.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." I mumbled, looking back down at my book.

They sat outside like that for an hour, talking about different things, but always glanced over at Nate's house as though waiting for him to come out and fall under their little plan. These girls were so freaking stupid. I couldn't believe my own sister was in with this idiocy. The only reason I stayed out was to see all this unfold and to see them embarrassed when Nate actually came out.

Nate came out of his house about an hour and a half after they first began this little show. They were looking more and more disappointed in the time it took him to come out but when he did they all three changed. They sat up a little straighter and Terra and Shelby both began fixing their hair and stretching out to their full length. Those stupid little bikini's didn't leave anything to the imagination.

I half wondered if Nate really was going to be swayed under their little pathetic plan. I mean, he still was a guy.

No, Nate wasn't some ass hole who looked at girls just as a body like Brian. He didn't like that kind of thing.

You're more than that.

I bit back a smile as I remembered that. He liked me better than them... because I wasn't that. I had nothing to worry about.

"Mr. Tylers!" Terra called, waving her hand as she smiled widely at him. Nate glanced over, his face echoing the same exact look I was sure that was on my face when I saw them come out. I bit back a snort of amusement. He straightened his face out before coming over. His eyes weren't trained on me though and I gave a little smile as he shook his head at me. He gave a mock look of betrayal and I just shrugged.

"Um... hey girls." Nate mumbled, smiling nervously. He was kinda... cute when he was flustered.

"Hey, Mr. Tylers," Terra smiled, evening sticking out her chest a little. Oh, my God. I felt like I was going to puke all over the place. "What are you doing today?" She asked, a sugary sweet tone to her voice. I felt the puke coming up. I needed to get to a bathroom fast.

"Um... just going to mow the lawn. You guys... sun bathing I'm guessing?" He asked, avoiding looking at any of them directly. I wanted to laugh at him so bad. I felt to bad for him though. Standing here with a bunch of desperate idiots who were trying to seduce him. The whole situation was ridiculous.

"Yeah. We totally forgot that you lived across the street from Chelsea." Shelby piped up, sitting up and crossing her legs. I gave a little snort into by book, unable to hold back anymore. Terra's head whipped around, her dark eyes narrowing as she glared at me. I just gave a little smile.

"You okay over there Sophie?" Nate asked, looking over at me. I saw his lips twitching upward. He was as amused by this as I was.

"Oh yeah. Still pondering the whole president and reading thing." I said, watching as he gave a dimpled smile. I heard Terra huff at the fact that I was side tracking Nate from her and her bikini clad body.

"Um, well I'll see you all in class Monday. Bye Sophie... girls." He said, ruining everything for their little plan. I knew very well that he knew when he said my name and just added girls like that that he was trying to piss them off. It worked because Terra and Shelby gave defeated looks and threw a couple of glares in my direction.

I just stood, watching as Nate headed around to the back of his house and looking over his shoulder at our house one last time. "I'm going for a walk." I said getting up and walking down the steps of my porch.

"Why do we care?" Chelsea through out as she laid back against her towel again. I just rolled my eyes and resisted the urge to flip them all off. I walked around the block slowly, heading around the back of Nate's house. I walked down the ally, cutting off toward his house. He spotted me, smiling wider and wider as I got closer.

"Wow..." He mumbled as I got close to him. I gave a giggle and nodded.

"Yeah... God that was amazing. I just wish I had a camera for the look on your face. It was priceless." I giggled, laughing even more as he gave me a mocking glare. I followed him as he stepped inside. I was careful to avoid the front windows, knowing that all three of the bimbos were watching the house like hawks. I opted for staying in his living room with him.

"Yeah, thanks for saving me there." He said, running his fingers through his hair.

"Oh, what was I supposed to do? Use flare signals or something?" I smiled, sitting down on his couch. I had only been over about four or five times but I felt almost... at home here. Nate always welcomed me in like I was an old friend anyway.

"Yes." He said immediately, making me give a burst of laughter. "Flares, Morse code, fireworks. Something. Anything!" He said, giving me a full dimpled smile. I gave another laugh as I settled into his couch. "How long have they been out there?"

"About two hours." I said as he sat himself down in the other chair. "I kind of wonder if they ever actually think about these things? I don't even know what the hell goes through their little minds." I scoffed, watching as he leaned back and laughed.

"So... have you... you know, talked with your dad or anything?" I asked. The atmosphere instantly changed from happy and amused to slightly on edge. I immediately regretted asking. "Sorry Nate... I didn't mean to-"

"No, it's fine." He said. "I... I haven't gone up there yet." He mumbled, shifting uncomfortably. I nodded, not pushing him. "I don't know if I am. I'm...uh... I'm pretty mad still."

"Yeah." I mumbled, watching as he glanced over at me. "I, um, I understand that. I don't really know what I would say to my dad for leaving me with my mom." I sighed, running my fingers over the soft fabric of his couch.

A silence descended, but it wasn't awkward. It was both of us... just sitting and thinking over what shit our parents had left us with. It was weird having someone else understand. His father didn't get drunk every night or slap him across the face when he was angry but he was still a shitty parent. He still wasn't what he was supposed to be. Like my mother wasn't what she was supposed to be.

"So... you still think their out there?" He asked, looking toward the front of his house. I bit back a smile as I nodded.

"Oh, yeah. I think their going to be over there until you agree to rub their suntan lotion in or something." I giggled. He closed his eyes and grabbed the bridge of his nose.

"I don't even know what I do to make them like this!" He said, giving me a cute little alarmed look.

"You're kidding right?" I gapped. Was he really that oblivious to how gorgeous he was? His confused look answered for me. "You're hot. That's why."

His eyebrows shot up and leaned back against his chair. "Oh," He mumbled. I finally realized what I had said then and began blushing a deep red and stuttered over my explanation.

"To them. They think your hot." I stuttered, staring down at my hands and trying not to meet his eyes. "That's what I mean. Meant. That's what I meant."

"Yeah..." He said, giving a small smile. "Course."

I felt my cheeks flame even redder as I just nodded my head jerkily. "Y-y-yep."

God I wanted to slap myself. I just wanted to hit myself across the face as hard as I could. How could I have let it slip that he was hot, right in front of him? God just kill me now.

"I-I better go." I mumbled after a few moments of awkward silence. Nate nodded, although he looked slightly disappointed. At least I thought he did... maybe I was imagining it...

"Yeah, wouldn't want them to wonder where you are." He said, giving one of his little smiles.

"I think they'll wonder more about where you are." I said, heading out the back door and through his yard. "Bye, Nate."

"See ya, Sophie."

"Did you see the way he was looking at us? God, I swear he's one of those teachers that hook up with his students."

I glanced up from the T.V. to see Shelby, Terra and my sister finally coming in from their "tanning" session. Terra was the one talking, a look of triumph on her face and a little sly smile. Good God, this girl actually thought that Nate was attracted to her. She really thought he wanted to get with her. Poor, sad, little Terra. I just wanted to laugh so bad. I gave a little snort despite myself and I saw Terra's head whip over to look at me.

"Do you have something to say there, Sarah?" Terra snapped, folding her arms and glaring at me. She was challenging me. This was amusing.

"Sophie, and do you really think that Mr. Tyler's is dumb enough to not understand what you're doing? Its kind of sad really." I sighed, still staring at the T.V. I heard Terra give a little huff and step forward again. Oooo, scary.

"Excuse me, but who are you exactly?" Terra hissed, her eyes narrowing into little slits. I gave another snort. Chelsea watched us both, her face torn between panic and anger.

"Just shut the hell up, Sophie." My sister snapped, throwing her hair over her shoulder and trying to play it cool. "Like you know what the hell you're talking about."

Terra smiled, leaning back and folding her arms triumphantly. Like my sisters words hurt in the least. I hadn't gotten sad over my older sisters rejection since I was about 5.

"Yeah, of course." I laughed, rolling my eyes at all three of them. "Mom's coming home soon, by the way. She just called a minute ago." It was a lie, but I knew she would kick Terra and Shelby out of here so fast if she thought mom was coming home. She didn't want to risk them seeing her drunk and slobbering all over herself. Or she didn't want them to see her cry when mom took her down a peg.

Chelsea's eyes widened as she wrapped her towel tighter around her skinny body. "You guys should probably go," Chelsea muttered, giving them both a weak smile. "My mom doesn't exactly know your over." She gave a little giggle, trying to play it off like she was some cool, rebellious daughter. Terra's dark eyes watched me for a moment longer before she turned and gave my sister a wide, fake smile.

"Sure," She shrugged, tossing her blond hair over her shoulder. "I'll talk to you later Chelly." Oh, my God. Chelly? What the hell kind of nickname was that. "You should come to Brian's party later if you can get out." Terra added, throwing me a smug little grin. Like I wanted to go to some party in Brian's trailer with a bunch of drunken idiots who would try to feel me up. Please.

"Sure," Chelsea beamed. She was probably swooning over the fact that she was in with the two most popular girls in school. Her place was finally being set in stone. How pathetic. Terra and Shelby said the rest of their good-byes before leaving, giving Chelsea all of the details of the party. I sat, turning up the T.V. every time one of them paused, grinning at how Terra glared at me like it was even affecting me in the slightest. It was childish, but fun.

I regretted it as soon as the door closed behind their fat asses.

"God Sophie!" Chelsea screeched, turning to me with a red face. I could almost see the steam shooting out of her ears. "Why do you have to be such an annoying bitch all the fucking time!" She cried, throwing her hands up dramatically. Her bitch fits were always so annoying.

"You realize they don't even like you. They're just using you because N-Mr. Tylers lives across the street." I said simply, settling on the Nicktoons. There was an Angry Beavers marathon. I used to love that show…

"Of course. I should have known." Chelsea smiled, folding her arms and glaring down at me with a mocking smile. I raised an eyebrow, waiting for the ridiculous excuse she had come up with for me treating her this way.

"What?" I prompted, waiting for it…

"You're jealous!" She muttered, shaking her head sadly. I laughed, shaking my head. Yes, I was jealous of her having fake friends, with even faker bodies. How original. "It's so sad, Sophie. I mean, if you tried you could actually have friends. Instead, you just go around being a hateful bitch to anyone who does. It's pathetic."

"I'm pathetic, Chelsea?" I laughed, standing up to even the playing field. She smiled smugly, basking in her glory. "You're the one who goes around sleeping with every guy who smiles at you and kissing the ass of every fake slut you think will get you popular. You surround yourself with fake friends and guys who just want a easy piece of ass. You're worse then mom."

She clenched her jaw, her blue eyes widening. I knew I had hit a nerve. Good, she deserved it. Just like mom, she always had to go and try to hurt me. I couldn't help but fight back.

"At least I have people to be around. People want me. No one wants you." She snapped, turning on her heel and stomping out of the room. She slammed her door moments later, locking it. I knew she was going to call Terra, her new best friend who didn't give a damn about her, to bitch about how horrible I was and blah, blah, blah. It didn't matter. I had won.

But I still felt empty. Just like always.

Nate didn't come to school the next day. The old substitute from before came, droning on in his boring voice about conjugating verbs and the test Nate had coming up for us. I couldn't help but worry a little at why Nate wasn't here. What if it was something with his dad?

I decided to visit him again after school. I was careful to move around the back of his house and slip through the back yard. I didn't want Terra catching me going to Nate's house. God knows what she would do with that information.

Nate was there and he looked slightly surprised when he found me at his back door. I smiled nervously, shifting from one foot to another nervously. "You weren't at school again." I muttered lamely, watching him sigh and lean against the door.

"My sister is here." He smiled, those cute dimples popping up. He looked tired and worn.

"Oh!" I gasped, blushing furiously. "I'll go-"

"No, it's fine. She knows who you are." He shrugged casually, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking amused. "I told her about you. Not everything… just that you were a student of mine who had some family issues. She knows you come over here."

I blinked in surprise. He had told someone about me? I didn't feel betrayed or angry. I knew Nate wasn't going to go blab about my personal life with out my permission. And besides, I had shared all of our visits with Dillan. Not about his life but…

"Oh," I mumbled, running a hand through my hair. "But you probably want to visit with her and stuff-"

"Naw, I'm about sick of her." He chuckled, grinning at me widely.

"I heard that!" Someone called, making Nate chuckle even more.

"I…I should go anyway." I mumbled as I heard someone move around somewhere in the house. Nate frowned, looking worried.

"Are you okay?" He asked, clearly concerned at my shifty demeanor. I nodded, plastering on a wide smile.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Since you weren't at school and all."

He nodded, tilting his head to the side and watching me for a moment. "I'll be back tomorrow." He assured me, giving me a small smile.

"Good. I mean, Terra and Shelby will be happy."

He laughed, shaking his head. "I'll see you later Sophie." He smiled, leaning away from the doorframe. I nodded, giving him a little wave before heading back toward my house.

I wondered idly why his sister would be over. It had to be something with his dad. I felt worry well up, spreading through my body like a disease. I wanted to go back, talk it out with him and make sure everything was okay.

But I didn't. Because as good of friends we were, it didn't mean I could go and demand access to every part of his life.

Not that I should want that.

Because I didn't.

At least that's what I told myself.

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