She's always been left,

Always on her own.

No one notices her,

She's always off alone.

So many relationships, torn apart,

She's tired of so many broken hearts.

She feels,





Lost in the forests of her lonely mind,

Searching for trusts, the ones she wont find.

Crying and waiting, for some guy to come along,

Wishing just someone, would sing her a love song.

She's so insecure, feeling worthless, hated, small,

She says, "There's nothing to live for. Nothing. At all."

There's nobody standing, by her side,

So broken, herself, she now tries to hide.

She covers herself with cuts,

Because she 'knows' nobody cares.

By now she is a laughingstock,

She puts up with the snares.

So now alone she's growing cold.

She's done with life, it's getting old.


But that's not how the story ends,

God healed her heart, and gave her some friends.

She now doesn't feel, like she's in this on her own.

Because her God is there, she's never alone.

*For N, L, N, M, and K.*