I'm Here!

I'm not so sure what's going on,

But my bubble broke and it feels different.

I'd been living in this dome-like bubble for so, so long

All by myself and it sometimes gets lonely.

I hear them talking outside and I try to reply

By pushing my hand against the sides.

Sometimes they laugh and sometimes they sing

and when they do it's joy they bring.

When they place their heads to listen

To all the mischief I've been up to,

I kick and roll from side to side.

But now my bubble seems forever gone

And I'm not so sure what I'm supposed to do.

So I waggle while wiggling my way out.

It's almost time I'm almost there!

I feel the cold breeze brush over my head.

It's almost the end of this long, long journey

Yet it's only the beginning of a new one to come.

The voices get louder and louder

And much more clear.

I hear shocked gasps and excited cheers

Greeting me with happiness and a few tears.

Here I am now, in my new home!

Hopefully it's bigger than that tiny little dome.