The Fall

High, proud, and mighty she stood.

Chin up, jaws tight, and a powerful glare.

A loose yet fitting uniform, she wore.

Old and wrinkled, stretched at the seams.

She knew how to string all the threads

To fix a man.

Oh! how she used to wrap their wounds

With ribbons flowing from contorted lips.

Using bandages of her poisoned sweetness

To soothe the pain and stop the oozing

Aware of their internal bleeding, they chose

Not to see their images being destroyed.

Day by day they crumbled apart like a house

too old to hold itself steady and strong.

Until one day a man came by with tools

To fix the broken parts of the houses.

He built each one with confidence and laughter

but a bulldozer came to break them down.

In spite of his hard work, of his creation,

He stood in the way

He fought and fought to harm the driver

'Til there was no strength left for him to fight.

He was bulldozed away.

Powerless, afraid, and weak the driver trembles.

Chin bruised, jaws broken, and a cowering stare.

A new and tight uniform, she now wears.

Bound to her feminine curves.

She doesn't know how

To fix a woman.