My Best Everything

Bound through blood, tied by force

And wrapped in love, but not by choice.

We endured bitter bouts of silence,

Then healed as one from wounds in sickness.

Threw words of hatred that splattered across our faces,

Then listened quietly to each others' sorrows.

In the depths of our lastingly long quarrels,

The beating of our hearts were in sync,

For she was always a shadow of me.

She was my beautiful creation

Though she was born to be sacrificed.

She was my savior, my sister, my best friend.

She was my killer, my traitor, my nemesis.

She was my best enemy, my best everything.

In the midst of thoughts, I rush to their aid.

To rid the fire and hold up a fight,

In an attempt to simply make it fade

In hopes that at the end, there will be light.

At least then, I'll save someone else's dreams

And world from falling apart at the seems.