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~Chapter One~

Moving In


My heart pounded in my chest as his lips touched mine. It was a feeling like no other. It was like those lips belonged on mine. Nice and soft. They moved perfectly in sync with mine. It was a kiss from heaven.

I wove my fingers through his soft hair and felt his hands snake up my back pulling me closer to him. But who was him? I tried opening my eyes through the kiss but they felt glued shut. I wanted to melt into this mysterious man, I wanted to drift away and loose myself in his touch.

"Rose." His deep voice echoed through my mind and fireworks went off behind my closed eyelids. His voice brought a sense of peacefulness in me, a sense of safety, a sense of belonging.

I wanted to whisper his name back, but it wouldn't come to me. "Stay safe." He continued and pulled me closer my head resting on his chest. I could hear his rhythmic heart beat through his shirt.

I felt him pull away and it felt like my heart shattered to pieces. I wanted to scream to him but not sound came out…

I startled awake at the same, recurring dream. I never saw his face, never knew his name. But the man of my dreams was …well…exactly that…of my dreams. As I brought my hand to my lips where I swear I could still feel his lips, I felt stickiness hit my shoulder and looked down groaning.

"Gross." I mumbled wiping the dog drool from my left shoulder, then pushing Sam's head away. He happily went after his stuffed rabbit and started gnawing on it.

I felt the wind from the open window slap the side of my cheek and it sent my dark curls flying everywhere. I scowled at my brother, Michael. Who for the most part, was acting like a dog and sticking his dark mane of hair out the window.

The cool breeze from out side of the car completely sucked the heat out and the blasting heater didn't even seem to exist. Matthew, my other brother, somehow didn't care that the car was dropping below zero, way past freezing point. He was loudly snoring and starting to droop towards my shoulder.

"Matt!" I pushed at him just as his head plopped down onto me. He grumbled something along of the lines 'not now mom', but stayed asleep as if nothing had happened. I swear a bomb could go off and that boy would still be sleeping through it peacefully.

I groaned as the cold chill kept weeping through my dad's black SUV. I sunk down into the plush back seat and glared over at Mike. "Can you roll up the window?"

He momentarily gave me the pleasure of actually looking like he was going to be the nice brother and roll up the window, but instead all I got was a curt, "Nope."

Mike and Matt are both quite the picture. At our old school, they were the stereotypical-over-confident jocks. Both competed in swimming and one always came home with gold while the other in silver. And with their 'dashing looks' per Mike's words, with the dark messy hair and blue eyes, both had a different girl on their hip each week.

Don't get me wrong. I love my brothers. But they are everything I'm not. They're tall, I'm short. They're popular, I'm not. They're athletic, I trip over my shoelaces and occasionaly air. They're loud; I prefer the quiet take on life. Besides our same shade of hair and eyes it would be hard to guess that these two buffoons are my twin brothers.

That's right twin brothers, we are triplets. Matthew came first, need I say he constantly rubs that in our faces. Michael, came two minutes later, much to my mother's relief after an 18 hour labor. At this moment, her and my father finally relaxed. They had their twin baby boys and at home a nursery with two cribs, blue walls with airplanes and a closet full of little boys clothes waiting to welcome them.

But I took my mom for surprise, not but two minutes later another contraction came and I popped out. Six minutes and some seconds behind Matthews and two minutes behind Mike. My father, who at the moment was in the midst of handing a bouquet of red roses to my mother was so shocked that he dropped the roses onto the floor and when he stepped to cut my umbilical cord, he smashed them. Making my very emotional mother burst into tears.

He told me that is when my name was born. Rose. So my mother will always have an everlasting rose. Yes, that is my father for you.

My parents, Emily and Bryan Sterling, were high school sweethearts. You know the ones you always see that make you incredibly envious because they were able to find 'the one', while you sat alone and seething that you haven't. Yup that was my parents, been in love since, married at the young age of nineteen, and the three of us came along when they were twenty one.

"Are we almost there yet?" Mike leaned forward towards the front seat ignoring how Sam was nudging his shoulder with the stuffed rabbit. I eyed the window button, very eager to lean behind him and push it so I could roll it up. Mike, sensing my plan flopped back against the seat and smirked at me.

I could hear my mom sigh where I sat. I think we have been asking every five minutes for the last two hours, and I'm not figuratively speaking. "Soon." my mom answered. The same answer both her and my father have said the last million times we asked, they probably got together and came up with these sorts of things.

I slammed my head against the back of the seat and looked out my window at the murky, grey sky. "I miss the sun." I grumbled hugging my arms around myself to try and regenerate heat back into my body.

This caused my dad to chuckle. "You'll get use to it sweet heart," he smiled, his blue eyes held laughter in them as he gazed at me through the rearview mirror.

Both my parents used to work at a small junior college in San Francisco, California. My mom in English and my dad in History. And suddenly, after seventeen years of teaching at said college both get offered a position and some University in New York. So, basically all of us are moving to small town Flint, New York.

Of course, my brothers and I pitched a fit about it. What kind of angst-ridden teenagers would we be if we didn't? But my parents, usually very considerate of our feelings refused to even bother to listen to us. They were stubborn and set on driving us across America.

The open road was starting to turn into a smaller, narrower road that was being over run with shrubs and trees and a lot of greenery. The cold wind wisped through the back seat and Mike looked like he was sucking it all in and enjoying it. I could hear the slight rock music escaping from the front seat as my dad bopped his head to the music.

I glanced out the window as my dad turned down a winding dirt road. We bumped and bopped as the tires went over the rocks. The trees parted and my mouth popped open and Mike nearly stuck his whole body out of the window at the sight.

I elbowed Matt's ribs and his snore turned into a snort and he jumped up like somebody was ready to attack him. "What the fu–" He bit his lower lip as our mom glared back at him. "I mean what the fudge?" he smirked as she shook her head and turned back around.

I smiled at him and he only glared "What was that for Rose?" he elbowed me back making me grunt and double over. With my breath still gone, I pointed out the window at the clearing which opened up to a beautiful Victorian home.

It automatically made you think of home. It had that certain cozy-like atmosphere about it and we were still entrapped in the stupid SUV. The house was three story and white paneled with dark blue bordering and shutters. It looked like it popped out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

"Is that it?" I nearly shrieked seeing the upcoming home. I nearly climbed over Mike's lap to stick my head out the window. Sam licking my ear in the process of me nearly jumping out of the window.

"Sure is." My dad smiled turning into the covered car slot. My mom had her mouth slightly open as my dad only smiled proudly. After all, he was the one who chose the house when he flew to New York by himself two weeks ago.

Sam started pouncing in the rear, ready to jump out of the SUV for a much needed run; my brothers and I were practically doing the same thing. My hands were already curled around the handle to open the door and the car hadn't even stopped.

My dad finally put the car into park and I launched the door open to fall on my butt. "Klutz." Matt laughed jumping over me.

"Hey!" I yelled running after him, my short legs were nothing compared to his long ones. At my supreme lack of foot-eye coordination didn't help the matter either. Who put rocks in the dirt anyway?

"I get first pick!" Matt looked over his shoulder "I'm oldest!"

"Not Fair!" Both Mike and I yelled in unison, we looked at each other for a split second then ran to the front door, trying to squeeze in before the former.

Mike managed to wiggle in before me and ran straight for the stairs but I was stuck in my tracks looking at the beauty of the house. "Wow." I mouthed as my parents stepped in behind me.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" My mom beamed looking around the wide open foyer in which the grand spiral staircase led upstairs, to the left was the living room with a huge fireplace nestled in the corner, and to our right was a fully modernized kitchen. All the floors were wood paneled giving the house a vintage touch.

"Aren't you going to claim a room?" My dad gestured towards the stairs and I dashed up, gripping the railing extra tight as not to fall and break my nose. I passed the master suite and headed for the one right across. Matt was sprawled in the middle of the floor his arms spread out along with his legs making a big 'X' in the middle of the room.

"Mine," he said lifting his head to smirk at me.

I stomped further down the hall passed the large bathroom and turned into the next room where Mike was leaning near the floor length window "Mine." He gave me the identical smirk of Matt.

I huffed and turned on my heel then realized I was at the end of the wall. I turned back around thinking I missed some room. I glanced at my parents setting down boxes in the master suite. This was supposed to be a five bedroom, three bathroom house, so far I've only seen three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Either I kept passing the rooms or the agent lied to my father.

"Dad," I walked into their room "I can't find my room." I crossed my arms as he chuckled and headed out the door ushering me to follow him.

I followed him to the kitchen and he pointed to the pantry. "You want me to sleep in a pantry!" I sounded a bit hysterical.

He looked at me as if I had officially lost it. "You think I would tell my daughter to sleep in a pantry?" He chuckled and opened the door, not to a pantry of food but to a stairwell that led downstairs.

I looked up at him shocked and he only smiled so I made my way down. "Okay so I get the basement?" I asked looking at the dingy, smelly, very creepy looking basement.

Old boxes littered the floor and the light bulb wouldn't flick on. The window at the top cast an eerie glow onto the polished floor.

He shook his head and pointed to a dusty book shelve at the far corner. I cocked my eyebrow and he laughed and touched something on the book shelf and it opened, opened like in the movies revealing another stairwell. "This house has a long history." My dad chuckled seeing the look on my face.

I stepped down the few steps and sucked in my breath. "I can have this room?" I asked barely audible, I more like chocked it out. It was beautiful.

"Of course baby girl," he squeezed my shoulder. I looked at the wide open space in front of me, the floor was wood paneled like the rest of the house, the walls were a light, almost white, blue, a white stone fireplace was at the far wall and the bathroom on the other side.

It was also huge, it was like a mini apartment, and it was all mine. "Your mom and I decided on giving you the old white overstuffed furniture for down here," he said and my mouth fell open again, this was like a dream.

"Not fair!" Matt appeared with Mike behind my dad looking at my awesome room.

"You got to choose first so it's not my fault." I stuck my tongue out at them, but they just glared at me, sure we were constantly attached at the hip to each other, but we had our moments.

"Let's start unpacking, before it gets dark." My dad headed back towards the stairs, I stared once more at my room and headed up towards the arriving moving truck.

My mom was already hammering picture frames along the stairwell as I huffed and puffed one of my boxes towards my room. "Need some help?" Matt grabbed the box out of my hand as if it were a feather.

"Thanks." I grumbled a little angry that I couldn't carry stuff like that. I headed back towards the truck and grabbed the box with all my sheets and pillows.

I walked down the stairs and threw the box near my already set up bed as Matt another near my bookshelf "Girl you have too many books" he chuckled flexing out his arms. He purposely flexed the muscles on his biceps and I rolled my eyes at him.

"So sue me, I like to read, rather then drown myself." I smiled before heading up the stairs.

"I don't drown my self," he chuckled "Maybe you would though if I threw you in a pool."

I didn't disagree with him. The memory of when I was ten and slipped into a friend's pool was still very much vivid. "I probably would," we both laughed.

We spent the rest of the evening unloading and unpacking the many boxes. Music flooded the house as my mom blared music from the newly set up sound system in the living room.

I waited somewhat patiently as Matt and Mike hogged the pizza box. Once I finally was able to grab a slice, everyone was already sitting around the coffee table in the living room with the fire going behind us.

I flopped down between Mike and Matt and grabbed a soda can popping it open. The living room was still bare as the furniture hadn't arrived yet so we sat Japanese style on the floor.

My mom cleared her throat and looked anxiously at us then stole a glance at my father who was busy trying to get crumbs of pizza out of his blonde stumble on his chin. "So you three are going to start school tomorrow." She just threw it in there, like it was nothing, but I think Matt was in the process of chocking on his pizza.

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