Korey Marino – She's a straight A student. Known to all students at Pleasant Rock High School. Not popular but not an outcast. She would rather talk about last nights' game then make-up and gossip. She would rather wear jeans, tee shirts and trainers then mini skirts, halter-tops, and heels. She's one of the guys, even though she has three best girl friends. Oh yeah, she also just happens to be one fourth of the mysterious and popular girl group 'BDKS' on YouTube. Which no one knows the identities along with their brother group 'The Big 4'.

Marcus Butler – He's a straight D student. Also known to all students at Pleasant Rock High School. Popular. Talks about girls and sports. Wears jeans, tee shirts and basketball shoes. Oh yeah, he also just happened to be a fan of BDKS and The Big 4. He had a subscription to their YouTube page and a fan on facebook. He even has a crush on Kay of BDKS. And he's Korey's most hated person on her list and the feelings mutual.

So, when Korey has to tutor Marcus in English, they aren't exactly happy about this arrangement. For different reasons too. Marcus because he has to spend three hours after school with Korey. And her because she has to deal with him and it interferes with her 'other life'.

And as time goes on Marcus and Korey's opinions of each other change. Their friends can tell there's chemistry and just when things start heating up between them, Marcus finds out about Korey's alter ego.

Can these two get over it for a chance of love? Or will they miss the opportunity?