Chapter One: Those Uptown Boys
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(Adam's POV)

I'm in love with Nina Akers. Not in an all-consuming hot-as-the-sun kind of way, but I love her enough, because she's what we like to call "uptown". She's filthy rich and therefore considers things like parking meters below her, as they don't take AmEx black. But she always pays her parking tickets.

Or at least, she thinks she does.

I love her for her naivete.

I walk between our cars, pluck both of our tickets from the windsheilds, and switch them. Ah, another day, another five dollars spared at the meter. Not to mention the four trips out to the stupid thing I've avoided throughout the day.

And another ticket paid, no skin off my nose.

I crumpled up Nina's ticket and tossed it into a nearby trashbin before climbing into my car. Littering is wrong, folks. Always remember that.


(Kellan's POV)

I watched Adam pull his daily switch from my third-floor classroom. I wonder how long it will take Nina to realize that Adam's been switching their tickets for the past two months. Probably when they put out the warrant for her arrest.

Nina's been my friend for a long time now. I remember running around the playground in elementary with her. But she's always been a dull blade, if you know what I mean, and I got tired of babysitting her by the time we hit high school.

And besides, I wouldn't want to cross Adam Rose. Despite the flowery name, he's really very intimidating: tall, with sharp, angular features, a mop of messy brown hair and peircing gray eyes, a lithe build with muscles rippling under the tanned skin.

He was completely gorgeous.

Really, if he weren't so damned frightening, he'd probably be the most chased-after guy in university.

"Kellaaaaaan," Nina whined and I returned my attention to the room. "Are you even listening to me?" Nina pouted, her full bottom lip pushed out to an almost comical level.

"Sorry," I replied, trying to sound repentant. "I zoned out for a minute."

"Well, I was saying that we should go to the shore or something this weekend, since Monday's a holiday. We can beach and booze."

"Nina." It was said with the pained air of someone who had explained something many a time before. "I have no interest in either beaching or boozing, especially at the Jersey shore, of all places."

"Why are you even in college?" Nina asked, dumbfounded. What a sorority girl. Uptown through-and-through.

Of course, I was an uptown boy, I admitted to myself whistfully, glancing back out the window to the parking lot below, where Adam was now speeding off to the intersection.

Just another thing that made Adam Rose so intimidating to me. He was probably the most notorious downtown boy in our year.


(Adam's POV)

"Baby, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I have to end this thing between us," I shouted dramatically as I waltzed into my apartment, spotting Robert's shoes by the door. "I'm afraid I've fallen madly in love with someone else."

"That Nina girl pay your parking ticket again?" he shouted back from the kitchen.

"I love her. She's making me a very rich man," I responded, walking towards him and whatever he was cooking that was bathing the apartment in aerated deliciousity. "I just can't help it. I hope you can understand, butterbuns."

"Butterbuns?" he repeated, shaking his head as he snatched a cigarette from where I had just wedged it between my lips. "And she's not making you a rich man. She's enabling you. You wouldn't be able to afford this shit if you had to pay parking every day."

"So mean," I grumbled as I watched him drop the cigarette straight into the garbage disposal.

"Yeah, yeah, your lungs will thank me." He brushed off my complaint with a wave of his hand before swooping down to kiss me lightly on the lips. "I wish you would just quit."

"So what are you cooking?" Okay, not the smoothest segue, but I enjoy smoking, otherwise I would've quit long ago, and Robert is never satisfied with that answer.

"Gnocci with shrimp," he answered, slapping my hand away from the bowl of peeled shrimp. "You can wait. Go take a shower or something."

"Are you insinuating I stink?"

"You smell like various misdeeds involving parking tickets. And cigarette smoke."

I stuck my tongue out, choosing not to engage in a conversation about smoking, and stalked off to the shower. Because really, I did feel gross. The temperature topped out at ninety-three today, the humidity at choking levels.

Really, I was lucky I had Robert, even with all his qualms about my various misdeeds and bad habits. I was in a pretty bad place when I found him. Or rather, when he found me. On the streets. Nearly dead. With a tourniquet tied around my arm.

But that's a story for another time.

Unfortunately, my whole past is a story that followed me to university. So, no matter how much I've changed (or really, no matter how much Robert's changed me) for the better, I still have an "image" to keep up.

An image I loathe keeping up.

But I guess switching parking tickets, bullshitting my way out of assignments, and intimidating underclassmen isn't the best way to ditch my image.

Maybe I'm just destined to be a downtown boy, through-and-through.


(Kellan's POV)

I live with my parents in the upper east side. Maybe it's lame, but it's cheap. We were never the richest family on the block, but my parents were determined to give me every chance at a quality education that they could. I went to private schools upstate all the way to high school, and then boarding school in Whales that came highly recommended by Mr. and Mrs. Akers, whom my parents considered to be the epitome of uptown life.

We were keeping up with the Akers.

Keeping up with the Akers, coupled with my inability to multitask and hold a job while going to school, didn't leave a lot of money for dorm fees, which seemed a little pointless anyway, since my parents were only fifteen miles off-campus.

It's also allowed me to put off that conversation with my parents, since I'd sooner die than bring a guy home to my parent's house.

And Nina living next door is convenient, as my parents have wanted nothing more for me (besides my education) than for Nina and me to become an "item".

Nina doesn't mind. She says I make good arm candy for her parent's events, and she has no desire to find a nice uptown guy and settle down right now, anyway.

It's been a pretty good stystem, so far.


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