Chapter Twenty: Extended Stay
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AN: I'm going to do something in the beginning of this chapter that I don't usually do. Third person POV. I really hate writing in third person, so it won't happen often, but I don't want to get into Dr. Stephens' inner thoughts. I think it would be slimey in there. Soooo. For his snippet, I'm going to use it. Then we'll go back to first person.

Also... I wasn't really concerned about getting this chapter out until JL reviewed and said that since I wasn't stalking the SRA forums, that I was writing this chapter. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have worked on it for another day or two. So everyone thank JL. Haha.


Dr. Frank Stephens rubbed his hand along his jaw, wincing at the bruise that was forming there, as he extracted a handheld tape recorder from his desk drawer. He leaned back in his chair as he pressed the record button.

"Subject: Adam Rose," he began. "Diagnosis: Unidentified, although believed to be somewhere in the Bipolar spectrum. Symptoms: Explosive anger followed by long periods of fatigue, silence, and detatchment from those around him, extreme aggression, poor anger management, impulsive behaviour, delusions, possible hallucinations, both auditory and visual, and detatchment from reality. Recommended treatment: psychosocial, electroconvulsive, and eventually pharmaceutical. Thoughts: After two weeks of observation, the patient does not seem to be responding to any forms of conventional therapy offered at this hospital. It is the belief of myself and this institution that the patient should be mandated for a further two weeks of observation and attempted therapy, at which point it will be decided whether the patient is to be permitted into the community or if further institutionalization in a more able setting is required."

Pressing the stop button on the recorder, he sighed.


(Celia's POV)

A month had passed since that first day in the hospital. Adam was supposed to return home on the day I ventured over to his apartment. I wanted to be there. I needed to be there somehow, to let him know that there was no bad blood; that I was still there. I felt like that was what he needed most. But I hadn't forgotten the empty rage, the... insanity in his eyes that day. I brought Kellan with me just in case.

He didn't seem too happy about that. I guess I couldn't blame him. Adam had been pretty scary the last few times he had seen him.

When I knocked on the back door, however, it was a woman with wavy brown hair and a soft, round face that answered. I quickly checked the number by the door, sure for a moment that I had gotten the wrong door.

"Can I help you?" she asked in a sweet, southern drawl, her eyes sharp and calculating, a cool contrast to polite question.

"Uhm... I'm looking for Adam Rose?" I said, somehow intimidated by this woman. There was nothing outwardly intimidating about her, at all of five-foot-five, with curves for miles. It was all in the eyes.

"Oh... Robert," she called over her shoulder. "There are people here looking for Adam. You wanna talk to them?"

Robert appeared over her shoulder, looking unsurprised to see us. I was surprised, however. He looked more upset than I think I'd seen him since this whole thing began. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, even with his tanned complexion he had dark circles under his eyes. He looked beaten down, almost shorter somehow. His short hair was standing on end, as though he had run his fingers through it one too many times.

"Oh, Celia, Kellan," he said, sounding distracted. "Uh, come on in."

Robert and the woman stood aside to let us go into the apartment. Kellan looked extremely uncomfortable, as though someone were about to jump out and massacre him with a machete.

"So has Adam come home yet?" I asked Robert. He sighed and rubbed his eyes.

"No. I just got the call this morning that they would be keeping him there for another two weeks," he sighed. "Apparently they're having trouble finding an effective treatment for him."

"Do they at least know what's wrong with him?" Kellan asked.

"No. They've narrowed it down a bit, but no actual diagnosis has been reached."

"Is he allowed to have visitors now?" I asked. I imagined that Adam must have been going out of his mind, isolated as he was.

"Pfft," the woman scoffed. "If he was, do you really think Robert would be here right now?"

"Fae," Robert said warningly. "Oh, this is Fae Keller. Fae, this is Celia Akers and Kellan Enderson. They're Adam's friends."

"The ones who were at the hospital when he went in," Fae observed. "Was he really as bad as they act like he was? Cause I haven't seen him in about two years but he never seemed like he was capable of all that."

"Uh," I faltered, casting a glance at Robert. I hadn't yet talked to him about Adam. I knew Kellan had, but how exactly had he phrased it? Had he told him how bad it really was. "He seemed pretty bad. It was strange. He was like a different person."

There was silence for a moment. Kellan scuffed his feet awkwardly against the floor.

"So I guess we'll go then," I said, moving towards the door. Kellan followed eagerly. "If you do get a chance to talk to Adam, tell him we said hi." Robert nodded and then Kellan was practically pushing me through the door.

We were almost back to the car when suddenly Fae was running after us. I turned and waited for her to catch up.

"Hey, Celia, Kellan, listen," she started, sounding slightly out of breath. "Robert's having a really hard time with all of this, especially since the call this morning. Since I'm going to be staying longer than I thought I was, I'm going to go down and see my family for about a week, starting tomorrow. Could you guys just kinda like, come by and check on him every day or so? I think he's really lonely without Adam."

"Sure," I said automatically. Kellan looked pained. I elbowed him. "You really seem to care about him."

"I was raised Southern. We take care of our own. It's not dog-eat-dog like up here," Fae answered with a smile. "Just, take care of him for a while, okay?"

The pained look on Kellan's face didn't fade. Clearly he was wondering what we were getting ourselve into.

I frowned at him. Honestly, how bad could it be?


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