You all know the media is full of shit

Yet you all seem to want to believe it

You have no opinion of your own

Just another mindless drone

Well, guess what?

They never got me

I know the truth, see

Well, guess what?

The secrets out

I know what you're about

I am not gonna just let take it

Me and Jackson are sick of shit

Time for the king to take his throne

Show you what I was shown

Well, guess what?

They never got me

I know the facts, see

Well guess what?

I know what it's all about

His skin wasn't bleached it

Was vitillago that did it

Would a black of world renown

Continue when your disgust was known?

Well, guess what?

His wife did treatment

Well guess what

Racists spreading contemptment

Two percent of the world has it

I hope like hell you get it

I'm not done yet!

You all know the media is full of shit

Yet you all seem to want to believe it

The media has tried very hard to disown

Not letting the facts be known

Well, guess what?

I know the truth

Gonna make lies go poof!

Well, guess what"

Your world spin round

When I say what I've found

Don't believe the oxygen chamber shit

He never once slept in it

Well, guess what?

The whole thing was a publicity stunt

Designed to give him a new front

It is totally true that he is crazy

Of that the proof is not all that hazy

Well, guess what?

He is a regressed ten year old

Numerous psychiatrists have so told

Well, guess what?

That's the reason for baby dangling

Not that he was ever abusing

The real abuser was the mans father

Would never make his kids holler

Numerous people have seen him parent

They say that he loves his kids is apparent

Well, guess what?

Anyone who says the kids aren't his

Should take a look at the kids

Well, guess what?

When he was put on trial

There was truth in his denial

Well, guess what?

You think him guilty of molestation?

Both times were media backed exploitation

You know, I will bet

That I'm not done yet!

I know for a fact the first time was money

That's why all stars need a honey

The man who made the claims was Chandler

His son was his dog and he was handler

Well, guess what?

The police got a taped confession

And numerous kids said he was trippin'

Well, guess what?

To get his sons reluctant concession

He used drugs to make him open to the suggestion

The man was paid to prevent damage to Jackson's career

Because of the media his side never reached an ear

Well, guess what?

The second time was bullshit to

Brought about by the incident just alluded to

When the mother was not busy stealing from JC Penny

With every celebrity she got friendly

Well, guess what?

She tried to say things in court that made look like a bafoon

Like Jackson tried to kidnap her in a hot air balloon

Well, guess what?

The singer was defended by many children

Who said he never once touched them

The singer was defended by Adam Sandler

Who said the mother was a money grabber

The child in question provided testimony

But did not have much reliability

Well, guess what

Without confirming DNA

Kinda hard to get a conviction, eh?

Well, guess what?

That's it, that's all

Now you know the truth of it all

I just hope you realize what Michael Jackson has been trough

And that almost nothing you read about him is true

I have given you the evidence

And hope you will proclaim his innocence

If I have not convinced you, then nothing will

Of this topic I've had my fill

Yes, that means I am now finished