Sacrifice to Chaos
by Narwe Silverflame

I. Sacrifice to Chaos - Heart

Soulless night, a distant scream,
Your presence can be felt resounding in the wind.

Full red moon, a pitch black sky,
The cloaked figures gather in your name.

A stone so tall, so full of scars,
A new line to be carved on it at dawn.

Candles are lit, the body arranged,
The audience shares its anticipation with you.

Flawless is dagger, brilliant is steel,
The hand that wields it is experienced, precise.

Scarlet blood, a crystal tear,
Her cries sweet symphony to your ears.

The moon descends, the silence rules,
Your essence empowered by a life of a girl.

The Carver stands, the chaos swirls,
A hand marks your hundredth sacrifice at dawn.


II. Sacrifice to Chaos - Soul

The land was never so far away,
The sky was never so purely black,
Your scream tearing through the night
Was never of a pitch so high

In remembrance of the Death of Heart,
Of the midnight without end,
In fear of repetition even worse,
Of the chaos drawing near.

A thousand souls now shriek in wind,
Buffeting gusts heralding the storm,
Sending summons for him, the Lord,
His thirst to be sated again tonight.

Chaos comes, all black, all white,
And crushing waves and storming winds,
And dying hope and madness born,
Making ocean and sky heave as one.

A thousand souls now shriek no more.
BLind they see the chaos merge,
Deaf they hear reality tear,
Dead they feel the Death of Soul.

In the morning ocean is again serene.