Inspired by Twilight series but not directly related. The panicked musings of a woman who had become the object of a vampire's loving attention.


What are you to me, I want to demand.

What are you to me that I can't so much as close my eyes without your face swimming into view behind my lids?

A ghost?

A lover?

A mix of both.

Afraid to close my eyes to see you there.

Afraid to open them in case you're already gone.

Gone forever.

Simple, silly mortal emotions; love and hate and fear.

Fear of being with you.

Fear of being away.

Why did you choose me?

Why me of a myriad of faces more beautiful than mine?

Is it vengeance or love?

Can you love, monstrous, dead thing that you are?

Beautiful as a frozen corpse, pale faced, hard lipped, blue eyed.