A/N: I haven't written anything in ages so I had to try. Unfortunately, this came out.
In reality I suppose it was supposed to be about hope and being free from self harm. But I don't know really. Rather simplistically written :\

There's a crack across my window
And the cold wind's breaking through
It's blowing out the cobwebs
That stick to me like glue.
Suffocate and smother
They're spun around my face
Preventing me from breathing but
They keep my mask in place.

There's a gap along my floorboards
And a long drop lies below
It houses all the spiders that
Make these cobwebs grow.
Creeping and a'crawling
I hear them dance at night
Masquerading emptiness
Much to my delight.

There's a break along the circuits
That keep the bulbs alive
There's nothing but the darkness
In which we all survive.
Dancing and a'dripping
It bleeds out from my veins
Surrounding me with shadows
And disguising all my chains.

There's a fold between the curtains
That lets the sun emerge
Its brings about the day in which
I cannot show my urge.
Breathing and a'beaming
There's hope within the light
I'm saved again from bleeding
'Til the coming of the night.

Also, unedited. No flames please. I'm ill [it's a worthy excuse ;)] :)