These eyes, they see in paths so twisted
These lips, they utter words so strange
This sanity, it never truly existed
This brain has always been deranged.

And what do you have to say about me?
I've become a creature society rejected!
I'm given a label of which I'll never be free
Simply because difference is unaccepted.

Will you force me to conform?
Will you so willingly hold me down?
Are you forcing me to transform
So that I'm not just another clown?

But what if this is who I am!
What if I've embraced who I've become!
And look at you! You stamp and you slam
My thoughts down as being dumb!

Why should I dance upon your stage?
Whyever should my words come from your script?
What's the point of locking me in this cage
If all you're going to do is tear and strip

Away everything that brings me to live,
Especially if I'm not what you really want?
Stop holding on, goddamnit it, just give
Me back my life and stop all of these haunts

That make me believe that I'm so wrong—
That I'm demented, you've got me convinced—
Insisting that I'm messed up for my life long
Demanding I absorb the "advice" you've dispensed.

But your words of wisdom are so incorrect
There is no logic in a view so closed
You never bother to give an opinion respect—
Another view presented to you is simply disposed.

I hope you know this is not at all fair
And I just can't see why the negative standard
Is placed upon people who actually dare
To be different... for that, their names are slandered?

So think long and hard about where we are
And comprehend that you and I have different "stability"
Why not dare to open your eyes and see the scars
I wear simply because of your open-minded inability.