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Us Against The World - Prologue

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter…

The sound of the rain dropping harshly to the cold, hard cemented road filled the ears of sixteen year old Alexander Willet. Sitting on his bed, his clear blue eyes were closed, trying not to think about anything. His smooth, pale hands lightly laid on his thighs as he felt the warm sensation of a salty tear trickle down his handsome face. He breathed in deeply, as if telling himself that she was nothing more than a pretty face.

If she had loved you, you wouldn't be here – crying.

He slowly opened his eyes. It was only evening; yet the outside was so grey and dull, the rain covering all sight of life. He heard a few cars passing by his glass window, but it was soon taken over by the sound of deafening thunder. Alexander, now more composed, shifted himself next to his bedside lamp and glanced at the framed picture which was placed next to it.

"I love you, you know that…right?"

The jet black-haired teenager slammed the picture face down onto the small table, more tears streaming down his cheeks. That line, that voice…it somehow never left his mind. Sometimes it's so frustrating for him to accept the fact that she was gone from his life. She wouldn't be singing him to sleep anymore. She wouldn't be telling him how much she loved him. He wouldn't be able to kiss her goodnight or hold her hand one more time. He wouldn't be able to play the song he had written just for her.

Alexander got down from his bed. He quietly sat in front of his piano, his arms crossed across his chest. He stared at the instrument for a while. This held so many dear memories. Memories that were painful. Memories that he shared with her. With a heavy heart, he reluctantly lifted his hands up.

"Cause it's us against the world,

You and me against them all,"

His beautiful voice bounced off the walls of his room as his fingers gracefully floated from one key to another.

"If you listen to these words,
know that we are standing tall,"

Alex closed his eyes again, the memories of the past coming back to him.

"I don't ever see the day that
I won't catch you when you fall,"

As he said those lines, he said it with such passion and commitment. It was as if his love was just beside him. He then stopped. He remembered. He had remembered.

"Cause it's us against the world tonight."

He put his hands down. He had ended his unfinished song. He had originally planned to sing it on her birthday. To give her a surprise. But with the current situation, it was almost…impossible. His heart wasn't in the song anymore. He cannot finish the song without her. He just couldn't. If only everything was so much simpler.

"If only love was as simple." Alexander wiped another tear which was about to drop to the carpeted floor and opened his eyes. He took another look at the picture. He had just lost the one and only love of his life.

How could he ever forgive himself?

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