While the boys were off being reprimanded by their father, who, in my opinion, was a complete ass, Hailie and I went to check out the hotel we'd been booked into in Brazil for the next leg of the tour. It was named something in Brazilian or whatever the hell they spoke there that, upon asking Hailie, turned out to mean 'The Angels Solace'. Funny name for a hotel, but hey, it's one of the best in the country, who's really complaining when the mini bar is free? I certainly wasn't, as I reached a hand in and withdrew a packet of my favourite pistachio nuts. Hailie just rolled his eyes as he passed my room to get to his own suite. The rooms we had were massive, mine especially so, since Francois would be, of course, staying with me. I smiled as I thought of him and his craziness that turned into such romance when we were alone.

A newspaper on the side caught my eye. There was the 'world exclusive interview with Ghost Town' in the back pages. I rolled my eyes. No doubt I would have been portrayed as a dumb, pretty blonde girl. I wasn't stupid. I just wasn't very intellectual. I mean, I knew how to play the flute and the drums, and right now, that was what mattered. It probably didn't help I had my hair professionally done everywhere we went, but a girl's gotta have some fun, right?

I threw a shoe at the wall connecting our rooms, hoping that Hailie would get the hint and come over here. There was no response. I sighed, and took off my other shoe, and got it ready to throw. But then a noise startled me from my right, so I turned and threw on instinct, only to see afterwards a shoe flying straight into Hailie's nose. I screamed and ran over to him.

'Oh my god, Hailie! I'm so, so sorry!' I held his arm and guided him into a chair. He was holding his nose and tears were forming at his eyes.

'Holy shit, Sel! I come over to say hi and see if you're settling in well, and you bloody well lamp me in the fucking face!' He turned and stared angrily at me for a few seconds.

'But you didn't mean to do it on purpose, so I guess I can forgive you'. He grimaced as his hand brushed against his nose as he took his hand from it.

'Apparently my nose doesn't want me to forgive you just yet! So anyway, what's up?'

'Not much, just wondering if you wanted to read the latest ball-busting interview about us' I nodded my head at the paper.

'Ooh, gossip! I've always been one for that. Have you heard about that Hailie character? I've heard he's the one all the ladies are after!' Hailie grinned before opening the paper.

'Let's see...says here I'm a "brooding, intelligent young man with a fantastic voice but not much character when you're face to face with him." What the fuck?! Who wrote this?!' Hailie growled and hurled the paper onto the floor. Meanwhile, I had dissolved into fits of laughter, and was stuttering when I tried to speak.

'Hahaha! That's fucking comedy right there!' I laughed so hard I fell off the bed and started rolling around, giggling like the seventeen year old I was.

'Ahem.' The noise came from the doorway. I swivelled around on the floor to face whoever was speaking, and found myself face to face with a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine slippers. The goofy train face just got me laughing again, even Hailie was grinning a little. What made it even funnier was the body the oh-so-charming slippers belonged to. He was a very old American, with an impeccable parting and small moustache, finely trimmed.

'Could y'all pipe down a little? It's awful late for you folk to making such a racket'. As one we turned to look at the clock. 20 past midnight. Oops. Hailie grinned at the American sheepishly, but winked at me beforehand, and then spoke in an incredibly posh English accent.

'I'm terribly sorry, old chap. You see, the old girl and i were simply reminiscing about old times! We are ever so apologetic for our incredibly rude state of affairs. What will it take you to forgive us?' I bit my tongue so hard I thought i would cry to stop myself from laughing at the poor man's face. He was totally confused.

'Erm...just keep it down, would ya? Y'all sleep tight now' and he fled as fast as he could without looking conspicuous. Hailie grinned at me after the old man left.

'Ah, the joys of youth, eh hun?' I smiled at him and then yawned.

'I think it's time we actually went to bed now Hailie. We gotta prep for the gig tomorrow, and I don't want to be falling asleep clutching the sticks.' Hailie rolled his eyes and me and lifted a hand as a farewell before going back to his room. I looked around and saw the duffel bag I always used shoved in a corner, still full.

'Hmm, I think I might actually need to unpack first' I thought to myself, so went over and emptied it. Soon the hotel room was covered in various dresses and skirts. I'd even thought far enough ahead to pack 7 pairs of shoes, but I still missed all the ones in my walk-in closet at home. I looked at the organised mess of clothes I had created on the floor, and jumped onto my bed and relaxed. No place like home.