What I Did

I hid in the garage, under the old piano. It was growing dark outside, but I couldn't go into the house and sit by the warm fire: I had to hide; I couldn't let anyone know what I'd done.

I, Pete Mackenzie, was a big boy now, I had just turned seven. I was too old for this kind of thing to happen to me. I didn't mean to do it, it had just happened, but that's no excuse.

I don't think anyone saw me sneak into the garage, or what I did. I hope none of my neighbours saw me. Old Mrs. Henry is such a busy body, always sticking her nose out to see what's been happening in the neighbourhood. If she saw me, saw what I did, she would look at dad in disgust. I can hear it now: 'Can't even raise your own child properly…and you call yourself a teacher?' she would say, appalled.

My dad, he would stutter and stumble and try to apologise and say that he would fix it. 'It's too late.' She'd reply and then tell everyone, even dad's boss, Mr Jones, the school principle. Then my dad would get fired.

We would have no money to pay the rent and be kicked out of our house onto the street with nowhere to live but a cardboard box and a newspaper for a roof. My dad would be scavenging for road kill to feed us and then he would get hit by a car. He wouldn't die, but we wouldn't have anything to pay the doctor who fixed him up.

But the person in the car, they would fall into a coma from the impact of the crash. And it wouldn't just be any person; it would be the Prime Minister's wife. The PM would ask us to pay for his wife's hospital bills and pay for the damage to her car, a big, black Mercedes Benz. My father and I would be too poor.

'We're so sorry, Mr Prime Minister.' We would say, but he wouldn't listen. He would take us to court. And because my dad and I had no money, we wouldn't be able to afford a lawyer, so we would lose.

We would be asked to pay for the doctor's bills and the car and a fine for making the Prime Minister go to court. And because we still didn't have any money, we would have to flee the country, on a twelve foot dingy…with only criminals who had escaped from prison as company.

We would be out in the middle of the ocean, with no land in sight with a storm raging about us. The boat would tip, just as a shark swam by and…

'Pete, are you in there?' I froze at the sound of my name. My dad was coming. Had Old Mrs. Henry already told him?

I couldn't be sure, so I quickly looked around, planning my escape route. Just as he opened the garage, I squeezed out the dog flap built into the door leading to the garden and sprinted to the cubby house. After my beating heart slowed, I realised that dad hadn't followed me.

I sighed in relief, wondering how long I had to stay here. As long as it took, I guess. Because I couldn't let anyone know what I'd done.

I couldn't let anyone know I had peed my pants.

Done. I hope you enjoyed! :D