A/N: A short story I did for my English exam. Lyrics are from "Artificial Man" by the Kinks. And for those reading MBJZGTA, I'm so sorry for the delay D: It'll be posted soon, I promise!

This was it. The end of the world was here and there was nothing he could do about it. All those long years of praying and avoiding sin for nothing. Had he done something to anger the Lord? Forgotten to pray? Maybe even sinned? It all seemed pointless to the priest now.

Here, perched upon is rock as molten lava flowed around him. The ash-choked sky loomed forbiddingly all around, threatening to bring the heavens down with it. Here came the end of the world.

Man had become greedy. Lazy. He had turned to sin, abandoning the almighty Lord. He had built great cities, many a machine to do his bidding. He had succumbed to temptation. "Tell the world that we finally did it," he murmured sadly, his fingers grasping the simple wooden cross that hung from his neck.

A dirt-stained finger shot out, pointing accusingly at the blue lights on the horizon. "Made a man that's totally programmed!". The priest's voice cracked hoarsely, echoing across the surface of the liquid rock as it inched ever higher to his bare feet.

"Preconditioned thoughts and emotions." His bushy brows pressed together, smudging dirt and sweat together across his pale skin. He could feel the lava breathing on the back of his heels, the man shifting closer to the centre of the rock. It would end soon. The Lord would welcome his pure soul into the pearly gates of heaven to forever rest in peace and harmony.

"Push-button artificial man!" The words were thrown from his lips, the sound dancing higher into the sky on the hot air that rose ever higher. He turned, sadly gazing upon the rivers of yellow, red and black. It would be quick. Painful to the point beyond agony, but it would be quick.

Slowly, he stepped out into the lava, the pain unbearable. His feet melted, throwing him face-first into the hellish blood on the earth. And as he died in Satan's embrace, his soul sank lower into the fiery abyss.