Track Prolouge: Take Me Home

Standing on the side of the road wishing the headlights could take me home
To where you are beneath the sheets please wait for me
I really miss you I'm far away tonight
So think of me one last time before you slowly shut your eyes
Soon I'll be coming home to you
And have sweet dreams and a goodnight I hope that everything's all right
Soon I'll be waking up to you
Farewell - "Coming Home"

I'm going back to Oregon with Sue and Richard. I was losing my mind with my friends and Daniel; I didn't want to be reminded of the life I had created in Palms, California. Where in Oregon? I don't exactly know. I overheard them talking, about going to the town where they found me. At this point in my life, I wouldn't honestly care less if they threw me in the house where I came from. The beginning of the end of our lives in Palms, all started six months ago—on my sixteenth birthday, June twenty-first.

Those days, my hair was light brown while my eyes were mysterious dark brown. When I mean was; I mean that my hair and eyes change. Not with dye or contacts, but on their own accord. My hair, changes with the season. Like in the winter it's jet black. While in the spring it's a light brown auburn mix. The summer is a light brown to dark brown mix. But my favorite is in autumn—when it's auburn. Though, I need monthly to weekly hair cuts to keep it at chest length. It grows incredibly fast; half an inch a day it seems like. Then again, I'm not so sure. I don't pay much attention to it.

My eyes change with emotion I've discovered. Blue when I'm happy, joyful, or even shocked; basically anything that's positive. Brown when I'm sad or depressed; or even no emotion at all. Green, is my favorite, when I'm really loving something or someone.

These odd scenes can happen before your eyes on some days. My friends, family, and ex-boyfriend Daniel think it's amazing. I, think it's annoying. Personally I don't like change, or to be read like an open book. This all happened when I was five; when I was adopted.

My parents; Sue and Richard Parish, raised me and loved me unlike my birth parents that abandoned me. So, therefore, they are my real parents in my eyes. Sue thought it'd be right to let me keep my birth parents last name, Owens. Yet they don't seem to listen, I, Mae Nataline, want nothing to do with my birth parents. They are nothing to me.

Sue and Richard lived in Oregon at the time. Not the same town I was born in, but about an hour's drive away. Little old me was on the news. Found in a basement for lord knows how long. Crying for my mom and dad to come back. The animals were scaring me, and that my friend ran home. They, my birth parents, left me for dead.

When my real parents, Sue and Richard, watched the news that night, they found me and took me home with them. At first I was hesitant, but I gave in after a while. Every day they reminded me of what happened, and as I got older I finally determined that my birth parents left me for dead. My real parents, they saved me from growing up with hell.

This iis my background. Moving from Palms was a change, and I hate change. This change, I loved. After the mess with Daniel blew over right after it happened, I wanted to move to Oregon. That's where He was. I wanted to be with Him, but I don't know if He really exists or not. Sure I've talked to him on video chat, but it doesn't mean that he lives in Oregon—so conveniently where I used to live. I haven't talked to Him since Christmas. Now it's January sixth. I need to talk to Him; but I've got a different mission.